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2013 Wrap-Up – Comedies

Season 1

 Go On came at the right time in my life. A month before the show premiered, my mother passed away so I obviously needed to relate to a show about mourning. The show tackled the concept with finesse and reliable hilariousness. Matthew Perry was as likeable as he was on Friends, and the colorful cast (particularly Fausta and Lauren) was consistently hilarious. Simply put, Go On was a wonderful comedy and I was beyond heartbroken to learn that NBC had cancelled this unique, charming show. I genuinely could have pictured this little comedy going on for a long time to come. The gang really started to feel like a family to me, and I even loved Courtney’s Cox’s guest appearance. Here’s hoping Perry finds another vehicle worthy of his talents soon. A real shame.
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Season 1
The most surprising comedic highlight of the year, I downright loved the debut season of The Mindy Project. I’ve never seen The Office, but Mindy Kaling was terrific as the lead of this quirky little show. Her supporting cast underwent a few changes throughout the year, but they were always amusing (and suitably insane). In addition, I loved the fact that The Mindy Project frequently messed with romantic comedy tropes – particularly the finale’s take on a love declaration outside a window. And the final scene between Dany and Mindy? Beautiful. Well done show, I can’t wait to see where you go next.
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Season 2 

 Suburgatory‘s debut season was incredible. However much like Revenge, the show floundered in its second year and sadly proved it wasn’t must-see television anymore. With Revenge, it was a case of messy plotting; on Suburgatory, it was a loss of tone. So many hours felt uneven, as if the writers themselves didn’t know what the show was supposed to look like anymore. When the show was great, it was excellent. But when it was bad, it just did not work. Of course I’ll still stick with Suburgatory until the end (which might be next season with the terrible ratings it’s been getting), but I do hope it regains its luster once more.
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Season 2

Yes, I’m still watching this train-wreck embarrassment of a show. 2 Broke Girls is still quite horrid, and yet it feels like the perfect brainless entertainment I sometimes crave before going to bed. Jennifer Coolidge’s role in particular, always seems to entertain me. So even with the painful comedy, the terrible performances, and the racist jokes, I guess it must be doing something right? Yes, judge me. I deserve it.
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Season 4

I’m really in love with this outstanding show and I’m so thankful for TBS for picking it up after ABC dumped it. It’s still the strongest comedy on television, with the perfect dose of humor and emotion. In fact, I’ve never seen a comedy tap into as many poignant story arcs and touching moments as Cougar Town does. I pray more people will continue to discover it and its phenomenal cast in the years to come. Let’s all raise our wine glasses for the Cul-de-sac crew.
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Season 4

I know I’ve been saying this for the longest time but I really wish the characters on Modern Family would evolve. I hate how the status quo keeps resetting with every episode (besides Gloria’s pregnancy of course). The show’s always amusing, but it’s nowhere near as hilarious and touching as Cougar Town which dares to develop its characters over the course of the season. I might as well stop nagging about Modern as the show keeps winning Emmies, and it’s doubtful the creators would ever want to tinker with something that’s this enormously successful. Too bad.
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Season 4

Four seasons in and I’m still in love with this whacky comedy. Yes it’s not high-art, but I don’t think there’s a more charming and lovable cast on television. I’ve spoken in length regarding Betty White’s epic performance, but what about Wendi Mallick? I’ve loved her since Just Shoot Me, and she’s just as outstanding in Hot In Cleveland (it helps that it feels like she’s still playing Nina Van Horn). Season four continued the show’s trend of bringing in some hysterical guest-stars, coupled with the cast’s inherent awesomeness. Really, when it comes to Hot In Cleveland, I’m always up for more.
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Season 8

It finally happened; I’m bored of How I Met Your Mother. The show has frequently been compared to Friends, but at least the latter never became this tedious to watch. There were some excellent episodes this year to be sure, but all in all, it felt like the show was treading water with repetitive plotlines and unsatisfying story arcs. Thankfully, we were FINALLY introduced to the mother in the season finale’s last moments. And with the news that she’ll be joining the regular cast in the show’s final season, it just might be the shot in the arm the show’s been looking for all along. Or it could be the final nail in the coffin…
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  1. Nadim, I absolutely love reading your reviews – we often share the same view and am glad I found your website via Billie Doux (thanks Billie!)

    So sorry to hear about your mum – dealing with a personal loss is very difficult.

    I think you have graded every single comedy exactly the way I would have – although three of my favourites are missing (can't watch them all though can we?!) – Happy Endings (which sadly has been cancelled), Parks And Recreation and The Middle. I seriously think you should check out The Middle as it is a very funny quirky comedy. As you stated above I enjoy Modern Family but don't like how it is a critical darling winning all those Emmys – it's a good show don't get me wrong. I just feel that there are more superior deserving comedies. 🙂

    Now that I have found your site I am going to try and make a more conscious effort to message more on here and Billie Doux as I read almost all yours (and Billie Doux websites) reviews. Fingers crossed I would like to review a show one day – though I don't know where I would find the time.

    Keep up the good work


  2. Oh, I forgot to add that I too love Sophie on 2 Broke Girls. I understand the F but in all honesty I love 2 Broke Girls for what it is – a trashy comedy. I think because we share similar interests in shows and I can see from the ones that you review that you have good taste and don't watch trash TV so I'm sure one pass is allowed right?! Lol


  3. Thank you so much for your kind words Caped_Crusader! They come highly appreciated 🙂
    All 3 comedies you mentioned are ones I've been wanting to watch for the longest time (but it's so difficult with the zillion shows I watch). I will definitely give them all a shot at one point.

    And yes definitely start writing here more. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the different shows you watch! And send me a sample review if you'd like to review a show on Nad's Reviews! You definitely seem like you know your stuff, but I know how hard it is to find the time (I struggle with that every day with my full-time job).

    Thanks again! 😀

  4. hahah exactly what you said! Trash TV at its finest! I can't seem to stop myself from watching that show, and Sophie is a hilarious treasure of a character.

  5. Nadim – Actually I meant to say I agree on all of the shows above except for How I Met Your Mother. I don't know what it is about the show but I still find it incredibly engaging. Like all comedies it has some episodes which can miss the mark but I would have probably given it a B-

    I find that still after 8 seasons I still care about what happens to each character and that to me is good writing. So I feel that they must be doing something right.

    I must admit though that I was over the moon when they introduced the mother at the end of season 8. It was about time and I am glad that we will get to spend a whole season with her (I hope!)


  6. You're right I was too harsh with HIMYM. It just wasn't as epic as it used to be. But I love the characters and care about them very much, so B- also sounds quite fair.

  7. + a billion for Happy Endings. I'm devastated that the show got cancelled. It was the smartest comedy on TV, with nothing remotely close and hundreds of pop-culture references and so many jokes per minute. I could literally watch an episode 5 times and still find new material to laugh at, either in a joke I didn't even notice was a joke at first, in a background comment, in a gesture/facial expression that I missed… It took a while for me to warm up to it, but Happy Endings was the most consistently Laugh Out Loud comedy I've watched recently.

  8. Agree on all accounts (except 2 Broke Girls which I saw a few scenes of on TV and decided I did not want to watch, because it felt like a show for the now 18yo who needed something after moving on from Miley Cyrus on the Disney Channel).
    I watch too much TV for my own good (as evidenced by my Trakt profile http://trakt.tv/user/khouryrt) , and I'd add that amongst this year's comedy seasons:
    – The Big Bang Theory had a B season, with a few unforgettably awesome episodes (game night and Howard's father letter), many good ones, and a few that will never leave a lasting impression
    – Happy Endings had another epic A+++ season. I'm not going to gush about this show anymore, because it hurts every time when I remember it got cancelled.
    – The New Normal was B-, a few episodes felt preachy, especially at first, which gave a certain tone to the show, then all of a sudden everything was cool again and the show simply moved in a different direction. I liked the cast more than the way the story was told.
    – Ben & Kate was about A-: genuinely funny, one of the underrated comedies of this season, and the least watched ones. I put it in the same box as Apartment 23 – funny undertone throughout the episodes, takes a while to get used to, but once you are familiar enough with it, you feel a bit like a privileged minority because you get to share and understand this experience
    – Wedding Band was cancelled after one A season – silly TBS scheduled it on a Saturday at 10pm and expected Americans to watch! Pffft. Anywho… it wasn't traditional comedy, more like a rather fun 1hr of TV. I was a bit reticent at first because who wants to watch a show with a singing band? But the songs were surprisingly interpreted in an awesome way (I won't forget their rendition of Hollaback Girl, 99 Problems, The Bad Touch, or I Will Survive) to a point where I wished there was more music in each episode. Then I'd remember that if there was more music, there'd be less scenes and acting and I'd feel sad. Then I'd want more stories and less music. Then I'd be confused and wish the show was renewed for at least 5 seasons.
    – Psych had quite a strong A season, with everything Psych fans were used to + a little drama and some touching moments. Overall it stepped up to the plate.
    – Guys With Kids had a B season and was cancelled afterwards. It was the same kind of brainless comedy that 2 Broke Girls seems to be, except with guys… and kids obviously. I stuck around because Zach Kregger (Nick) surprised me with his comedic timing and delivery, and one of the babies was just so grumpy he was adorable.
    – Raising Hope had another B+ season. It took a while for me to get used to the show, given that I never was a fan of the My Name is Earl style, but Raising Hope is like that family you love to watch and wish you could help. Think of it as Cougar Town minus the wine and the fancy houses.
    – New Girl had a great A season, even better than its first run, with the show finally aware of its tone and where it wants to go. Many hilarities, many touching moments, very few weak episodes.

  9. Wow so many shows! Nice to know I'm not the only one who's obsessed! From the ones you mentioned, I really want to start Big Bang Theory. I hear it's amazing. And of course Happy Endings especially after how much you gushed about it!

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