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2013 Wrap-Up – Dramas Part Two

Season 2

Scandal‘s sophomore season is probably one of the finest seasons of television I’ve ever witnessed. It was masterfully-constructed, magnificently acted, and thoroughly involving on every level. My only complaint is that the second half of the year (the Albatross arc) wasn’t as mindblowing as the Defiance material in the first half of the year. Nevertheless, the sheer brilliance of this show can not be denied, and for that, it deserves a perfect rating. Also, the season cliffhanger was utterly mindblowing. If you’re not watching Scandal already, you’re missing out on a masterpiece.
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Season 2

Oh Revenge, what am I going to do with you? I’ve nagged about the show a lot this year and it’s sad how messy its sophomore season was compared to the show’s breakout debut year. The Initiative debacle, the numerous horrid subplots – it just became extremely grating. Thankfully, the show somewhat course-corrected itself by the end of the year and ended the season with a terrific season finale that has me quite optimistic for next season. I guess miracles can happen?
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Season 2

Much like the second season of Scandal, this was one of the most expertly-constructed seasons of television I’ve ever seen. American Horror Story is definitely not for everyone; it’s beyond twisted and frequently shocking, but you can’t deny the utter brilliance of the whole thing. I for one simply can’t wait for season three, particularly since Jessica Lange is going to be surrounded by what looks like an even more impressive cast. Also, the finale was magnificent.
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Season 3

The lovable cast, the unpredictable plot twists, and the consistently reliable action –  I frequently feel like Nikita can do no wrong. I know many people hated this year, but I positively adore Amanda as the show’s big bad so I found the season to be utterly spectacular on pretty much every level. However, the finale really ruined things with its lazy plotting. Nevertheless, I’m so thankful the CW is giving the show a final six episode run to really wrap up its story and go out on top. I have no doubt Craig Silverstein and his talented writing stuff will give us an explosive and satisfying ending.
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Season 3

There’s nothing on television quite like The Walking Dead. It’s a harrowing and disturbing adventure that never ceases to unsettle me on a weekly basis. In fact, I think season three was the show’s strongest yet (and it’s reassuring that the show keeps breaking rating records left and right). However, I’d be in denial if I didn’t admit that the show kind of floundered in its last couple of episodes. The first half of the year was just so disquieting and fantastic, that I kind of wanted the year to go out with a bang as well (which it didn’t). Still, it was an outstanding year of television filled with shocking moments and terrifying reveals. More please.
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Season 4

I freakin’ loved The Good Wife’s fourth season. Sure Peter’s campaign wasn’t as exciting as it could have been (how wasted was Maddie Hayworth?), and Kalinda’s husband entering the fray was probably the dumbest writing move of all time, but the rest of the show was as stellar as it’s always been. Julianna Margulies was predictably marvelous, and I loved her budding partnership with Carey culminating in that epic final moment. Somehow I feel like next season might just be the show’s best one yet.
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Season 4 

I hate to say it but I think I’m finally over TVD. I thought this season would be the show’s most formidable one yet with Elena’s transformation, but it turned out to be a slow, muddled trainwreck of a year compared to previous seasons. Thankfully, the finale was pretty promising, with a host of intriguing developments (particularly regarding Katherine and Stefan). Here’s hoping the show returns to the top of the heap next year because it was overshadowed by a ton of great television this year.
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Season 6

The general public didn’t really appreciate Mad Men this year until that glorious finale. I however found the entire season to be as captivating as ever. Don continued to spiral out of control, and the fantastic cast continued to grow in surprising ways (I can’t express how much I love Joan). Moreover, the finale did an extraordinary job of reshuffling the chess pieces and setting a whole new status quo for the show’s final season. As far as I’m concerned, Mad Men is one of a handful of shows that managed to maintain its extraordinary quality throughout its entire run (I’m assuming next year will be equally stunning of course). Bravo.
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Season 6

Season six should have probably been True Blood‘s finest season ever. Under the tutelage of a new showrunner, the vampire (and werewolf, faerie, witch, shifter) drama felt completely invigorated. In fact, it was more focused than it had been in years, and it wasn’t afraid to take risks and kill off superfluous characters from its ginormous cast. In addition, the penultimate episode was downright extraordinary. Naturally, the show went on ahead and squandered the entire year’s goodwill with a disastrous finale. Oh well, there’s always next year (here’s hoping it’s the last).
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Season 9

As always, I enjoyed Grey’s Anatomy very much this year. The aftermath of the horrifying plane crash reverberated throughout the entire season, and gave us plenty of compelling storylines. However much like Nikita, the finale left a lot to be desired and thus slightly tainted my view of the season. I know it’s extremely challenging (and unrealistic) to top shootings and plane crashes, but the storm blackout was just ridiculously anticlimactic. Plus Webber’s fate in the final moments? That’s just not shocking enough to leave us hanging after last year’s jawdropper of an ending. A pity. But I still love Grey’s, and I know Shonda plans on giving us one heck of a final season.
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  1. I normally prefer to watch dramas (non-episodic procedural ones) in big chunks (several seasons at a time) so I didn't really catch up on any drama this season. I watched some procedurals:
    – Grey's Anatomy: as opposed to you, I loved Capshaw's final performance – something was off, and that's how it was meant to be IMO. Her “Stick out your leg and I will go grab a bone saw and let's even the score!” was devastating and left me speechless and rewinding several times. But then again, I've been a Capshaw fan ever since she appeared on the show in season 5, and I think she's one of the most underutilized cast members so I know I'm biased.
    – Castle: a very strong season, didn't fall in the cracks when putting the two leads together, but thrived through it. Stana's performance continues to impress me esp with the way she easily portrays everything from comedy to drama with perfect timing, delivery and expressions.
    – Elementary: surprising breakthrough of the year, Johnny Lee and Lucy were simply astounding
    – NCIS: kept moving as usual, with some strong episodes and many forgettable ones – great finale and cliffhanger though.

  2. Great to hear your thoughts. NCIS doesn't really interest me, however I hear Elementary and Castle really make up for their standalone episodes (which I hate) with some amazing character moments. So hopefully I'll give them a chance at some point!

  3. Allo, Nadim.

    Some quick thoughts on this topic: (for those I followed and for those i've left :))

    Wish to see more of our kick-a** lady, Kelly Hu. I will truly hate the writers if they do not come up with a great fight scene between The Hood and China Girl.
    And please… I want more Felicity scenes partnering with The Hood or Lauren in a mission.

    The Americans
    I've stopped watching this for quite a few eps already. Don't know why i'm not so eager to watch it.
    Matthew sometimes remind me of (Everybody Loves)Raymond.

    Is that Brat's pout gone, Nadim?
    So I can continue watching? 🙂

    Last Resort
    This was truly a disappointment. Bleh! After the fourth ep, it went downhill….

    I miss Liv and her stupid smartness when it comes to Fitz. Hahaha. Confused? Take a dose of Huck.

    Oh, Ems. I don't like you with Jack. You'll eat him alive, girl.
    Aiden is my man. Even he's gone…. there…. 🙂

    Yibaa! Nikki will still be there.
    I hope that like Fringe, the gang will go out with a bang, right, Nadim?

    The Vampire Diaries
    This still on air?
    Have lost interest already.

    Those I am losing interest with will be watched in time.

    Are you watching Continuum?
    There are a lot of story arcs that you love so much.
    You'll see that Rachel Nichol's mole disappear into thin air. Hahaha.
    I guess the producers thought that it distracts the audience's attention whenever Rachel has close-ups.

    So, there…

  4. So nice to hear your thoughts again RoseBud. Glad to know you're up to date!

    I saw the first two episodes of Continuum but I'm just not eager to continue. It's just like what happened to you with The Americans. Eventually I forced myself to finish that one and it was quite good. Still I'm not dying for season two. Not really emotionally attached.

    Never watched Fringe. I think I should at some point. The rest of our favorites we agree on 🙂 Oh and Revolution got really bad but I still stuck with it. The girl Charlie is barely on the show. She's like a supporting character now 😛

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