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Grey’s Anatomy 10×01/02 – Seal Our Fate / I Want You With Me

"Maybe he is your father; he banged your mom enough."


Ten seasons. Wow. Grey’s Anatomy has been around for a lifetime, which makes this excellent season premiere even more impressive.

Truth be told, this was a very depressing hour filled with all kinds of misery and heartbreak. And yet, it was gorgeously realized, and a perfect reminder of just how special Grey’s Anatomy is.

First and foremost, it’s phenomenal to witness Meredith Grey’s growth over the course of the series. We’re a long road away from the broody, miserable Meredith of the old days. Not only did Mer become a brand new mama again, she discovered that Webber had given her power of medical attorney. Her maturity was remarkably apparent as she pushed Bailey to follow her gut and find a solution for Webber. It truly felt like the tables had turned and she’d become a teacher. Kudos writers for managing to make Meredith a pivotal part of the hour despite even though she was sidelined to a hospital bed.

I know Shonda Rhimes is a big fan of Callie and Arizona’s relationship, but it seems like she’s going to make season ten a tough one for the couple. I found it very difficult to watch Callie’s treatment of Arizona, and that’s a testament to Jessica Capshaw’s performance that I found myself rooting for her (even though she’s the guilty party). The scene with Arizona arriving to Derek’s house as a quivering mess and begging to see her daughter just about broke my heart on every level. I know this whole debacle will make for some great drama; it’s just going to be hard to watch these two put the pieces back together.

Thankfully it doesn’t look like we’re going to get much mopeyness where Christina and Owen are concerned. Yes they’ve broken up, but it didn’t take long for them to become friends with benefits. Naturally, the story took a darker turn with Christina’s post-sex breakdown, but I’m still optimistic for these two (although I still wonder how they’ll ever overcome the baby hurdle). Since this is Sandra Oh’s last season (why won’t the show just end this year?), I wonder if Shonda has a different sort of ending in the cards. Perhaps Christina’s ultimate path is one where she thrives on her own? That would be sad, but ultimately appropriate.

I want to say I felt sadness for Mousy’s death, but Heather (apparently that’s her name) was never fully developed. Still, her death provided the interns with their best subplot yet as they bonded and comforted Heather’s mom with fake stories about her daughter. The irritating misfits also came to the realization that they have to stick together, which they did by following a guilty Shane on his quest to save some firefighters. I can safely say I didn’t feel like gouging my eyes out this week whenever the interns were on screen (which has never been the case). Not bad at all show.

Another achievement this week: I liked April. After Avery tore her a new one, she realized how badly she’d been treating Matthew (or did she just find herself lonely again?) and took it upon herself to propose to him. Call me a romantic but that was a pretty sweet little scene. Now you can get back to annoying me next week April.

And that ending was positively glorious. Just as Catherine Avery began another one of her tantrums, Meredith finally intervened and assumed her role as Richard’s family. Lo and behold, that’s exactly when Richard woke up. “But I was right about one thing, I was right about this.” And then I just got goosebumps. Beautiful.

Bits & Scalpels

– “She’s the woman Arizona slept with last night.” Really Callie? A bit harsh!

– Mousy finding Webber and getting electrocuted herself made me laugh. I’m sorry but she’s such a klutz.

– Loved the electric touch to the title card. Super cool.

– Meredith telling Alex to pick up the baby and take a breather was a beautiful little moment.

– My favorite scene of the episode: Bailey encouraging Christina by telling her how special she is as she tries to insert the balloon pump into Webber. Chandra Wilson is incredible here, and I love that it culminates with that forced hug. Genuinely moving.

– Badass moment: After Bailey tells Christina that she’s just a fellow, the latter fires back that she owns the hospital. Damn.

– Great character moment for Meredith: When both Christina and Bailey ask her to pick a side, she opts to follow science and asks for more labs.

– I knew a twist was coming with the old lady and the house; I just didn’t expect her to be the mysterious sharpie person. Very neat.

– Cool continuity reference: Callie dancing in her underwear.

– I used to love Catherine Avery. That is until this week when she screamed at Bailey like a madwoman and violently began banging on the glass in the middle of surgery. Geez woman take a chill-pill.

– Derek didn’t get much to do in the second half of the premiere, but I did love his attempts at keeping his house sane after walking in on Callie gulping down his alcohol.

– Avery and April marrying the dying police woman was especially poignant.

– Tremendously cringeworthy moment with Heather’s mom arriving to see the interns wasted and laughing.

– April’s speech to Matthew was beautifully performed by Sarah Drew. See, I can admit when she’s good.

– Love that Christina intervened and took Sofia from Callie so Arizona could have her heartwrenching little moment.

Grey Banter

Christina: Two Baileys? You don’t think it’s gonna be confusing?
Meredith: No because if I say Bailey peed on me, I think it’s safe to assume I’m talking about my son.
Christina: Very good.

Bailey: Hug me back Christina Yang. I know you’re not a hugger but right now I need you to hug me back.

Bailey: You are a fellow. I make the decisions here.
Christina: I own this hospital, you work for me!

Christina: I smell dead people.
Bailey: And spiders. Dead people killed by spiders.

Alex: (to Arizona) I think you should stick to “I’m sorry I’m such a slut.”

Callie: (After serious reflection) I don’t dance in my underwear anymore.

Callie: Everybody I love either cheats on me or dies. Or cheats on me AND dies – George did both.
Derek: Arizona is not gonna die.
Callie: Yeah that doesn’t make me feel any better.

Christina: To be honest, I am happy to do the dishes, but there is no universe in which I generate dinner.

Must-Download Tunes
Tradition by The Belle Game
Cold Front by Laura Welsh
More Than Anything by Rudimental featuring Emeli Sande
Lie Or Lie Awake by Katie Herzig

A depressing albeit superbly-executed season premiere from Grey’s Anatomy.

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  1. I still can't get myself to care about the new interns, I guess this is the first death on Grey's Anatomy that left me unaffected..

    I am not sure I believe that Kepner is in love with Matthew but at least it was a good scene..

    Great scene with Christina breaking down and crying in Owen's arms. Also I loved the bickering between her and Bailey over what procedure to follow.. It is gonna be really sad seeing Sandra Oh leave this show.

    Rudimental feat Emeli Sande – More Than Anything: WOW!! Absolutely gorgeous track!!

  2. I must reiterate that yes, that song is beautiful! Emeli Sande has got quite the voice and it was awesome to hear her on Grey's!

  3. There aren't many people who did or will ever care that Heather died. In some ways it was good, cause klutzy as she is, dying would have prevented her from further making bigger blunders in her career. She died at her peak, and the other interns either already peaked or never will. And great for Ross actually, cause after Heather dies he gets to reject Derek when he comes crawling back.

    Callie is starting to disappoint me. It's bad enough she's taking out her frustration on other people — shouting at April for cutting that clavicle — wait, how did they get that saw ready so soon in the OR? do they always have it on standby? — Callie is also dealing with her relationship conflict with Arizona way too publicly. Forget about being harsh, Callie can't even look at herself and her own flaws. Callie was the one who made Arizona get so depressed about her leg. Callie was the one who got pregnant. It's not like Callie didn't know that Arizona was a slut. She couldn't even put her feelings aside when dealing with patients. “I'm a surgeon and it's all hands on deck,” “Get me Bailey!” So immature and unprofessional!

    I really think Catharine was right about the laparotomy. Richard was in the ICU! He was responding well albeit slowly to the balloon pump, and was not acidotic! Why rely on the lactate when you could have repeated the abdominal CT?! Or at least do a repeat ultrasound! Okay so there was necrotic tissue in the pancreas. Which brings us to the question of why they didn't do amylase? Or at least acute phase reactants and complements or something? Bailey was totally guilty about what she said to Richard, and Meredith only allowed the insane re-laparotomy out of pity to Bailey who was her teacher. What's so difficult about trusting Cristina? Does she so routinely kill her patients to make you not trust her opinion? which by the way was based on evidence?

    And I was so frustrated about the music over the arguments. I really wanted to hear what they were saying. Especially when Heather's mom first heard the news from Derek and how she reacted to it.

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