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The Good Wife 5×01 – Everything Is Ending

"Sad - you get a whole new identity and you still can't resist being a thief."


Oh Lockhart/Gardner, how I’ve missed you.

Here’s a show that knows how to evolve. Yes The Good Wife is a procedural in the strictest sense with a legal case to tackle every week, but its characters keep on growing in fascinating ways. The most intriguing development at the moment is Alicia’s decision to head on out with Carey and start her own firm. I’ve been waiting for this move for the longest time, and while it hasn’t officially happened, I can tell that it’s going to take the show to all sorts of fantastic new highs.

I must sound like a sadist, but it was a joy to watch Alicia squirm and maneuver as Will, Diane and the rest of the partners began suspecting the associates (thanks to David Lee’s paranoia). I’m beyond pleased at the decision to make Zach Grenier a series regular. He plays the antagonist so damn well, and I was genuinely terrified for Alicia when she walked into that room and was faced with all the suspecting partners.

As for our case of the week, I wasn’t too involved with the death row inmate and the various machinations to delay his execution, but it was still a serviceable standalone affair with some intriguing twists and turns (I definitely didn’t expect the DEA to come into play at the end).

Interestingly enough, the first of this year’s amazing guest stars came on board this week, and it was none other than Alias and Grey’s Anatomy alum Melissa George. Naturally, Eli wasn’t too fond of her striking looks (or “optics“) and urged Peter to get rid of her (promotion time). Miss George was left looking quite pissed, so I presume Mr.Florrick better watch out for whatever hell she’s about to bring down on him. Here’s hoping it’s not the usual sexual harassment shtick; George can do great things with the right material.

Bits & Cases

– Awesome comedic bit of the week: Monica teleconferencing from home on that weird robot thing and constantly banging into different doors. Hilarious.

– Epic transition with the shot of Alicia’s face mimicking the exact same one in the credit sequence.

– It’s common knowledge amongst ardent Good Wife fans that the number of words in the episode titles always correspond to the season number. Sadly for the first time ever, that will not be the case this season. I get it though, because coming up with 5-word episode titles can’t be an easy task.

– The execution-nurse testifying from within a box was pretty hilarious.

– It wouldn’t be a proper Good Wife episode without the requisite (and unnecessary) Florrick kids subplot. This week, Grace is on the list of the hottest politician daughters, and Zack is none too pleased when his friends start hitting on her. Absolutely thrilling.

– There’s a wonderful real-world touch with Alicia struggling to open the door as she nervously leaves the partner room. Seriously it’s touches like these that allow this show to stand out from the rest.

– Alicia’s “don’t end up hating me” was quite appropriate. I can’t wait to see Will and Diane’s reaction when the bombshell drops.

Good Lines

Alicia: Eli I can’t talk right now I’m on a death row appeal and I don’t have time.
Eli: I know but this is important.
Alicia: Did you just hear me? I said death row appeal.
Eli: Oh I thought that was hyperbole.

Kalinda: David you should leave investigating to the professionals. You might hurt yourself.

Zack: We need more juice.
Alicia: And I love you too.

Carey: Alicia, you and I are the new Will and Diane.

A strong start to what will hopefully be one of The Good Wife‘s most impressive seasons yet.

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