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Marvel’s Agents Of Shield 1×02 – 0-8-4

"Do you need anything else before I go check in on the device that's fueled by evil and sitting in our cargo-hold?"


Thank God this was good.

So many shows produce thrilling pilots, and then fall flat on their face in their second outing. Thankfully, this was yet another awesome hour from Shield with just the right dose of action and comedy.

I think I’m most impressed by the fact that the show doesn’t feel cheap in light of The Avengers and that blockbuster’s zillion dollar budget. Shield knows its limitations, and yet it still feels like a rich production that’s worthy of the Marvel mantle. This episode had a number of above-average action sequences, and none of them felt like the kind of embarrassing CGI you would find on one of ABC’s other flagship shows (yes Once Upon A Time, I’m looking at you).

Also, I’m beyond happy to report that Whedon’s witty banter is still quite prominent. Watching the gang bicker back and forth (while dodging gunfire no less) proved to be a joy to watch, and I’m just beyond excited to continue watching these folks in action. They’ve already built quite a rapport, and I have no doubt that it’s going to be quite enjoyable to see them evolve even further.

And while this episode had a standard villain of the week (which I usually detest), it was tremendously entertaining (thanks to the brilliant cast), and the fact that we got a few more mythology tidbits including Skye’s potential Rising Tide status, and further nods concerning Coulson’s “Tahiti” trip. All in all, I’m more than impressed with Marvel’s first TV foray.

Bits & Fitz

– Ward’s explosive sonic weapon was super cool. More please.

– Loved Caulson picking up on Reyes’ seducing ways and having faith in Ward figuring out the hijacking before it happened. The plane better be back in tip-top shape though.

– Melinda’s standout moment: breaking her wrist, kicking ass, and then re-snapping her wrist into place. “What next?” Oh, and her driving the car through the lab was the icing on the cake.

– Skye saving Ward using the lifeboat was genius. And he’s going to be her supervising officer now? I see romantic sparks soon.

– The gang sharing a beer and watching the launch together at the end was just great. The dynamics already feel like they’re family.

– The Samuel L Jackson cameo was very nifty. “Kill the fish tank.” Ha!

Marvelous Quips

Caulson: I’m calling this, but your frown will be on record.

Fitz: Are you mental? I dead explained what I meant using the Queen’s bloody English.
Ward: I use normal English, words like “duck” and “run” and “might blow us to pieces.”

Skye: I have a small question because I’ve been feeling like the tagalong hayseed rookie, but now I get the sense that Ward doesn’t know which one’s Simmons and which one’s Fitz, and they’ve seen even less gunfire than me, and—I’m no Rocket Scientist—but is this your first mission together?
Simmons: No of course not, it’s our second.

Reyes: Oh, Phil. You’re not even aware. Your renewed idealism, your collectibles, your airborne man-cave, surrounding yourself with young, attractive agents — you’re having a mid-life crisis.
Coulson: More of an afterlife thing, really.
Reyes: And I’m not even going to mention the red Corvette.
Coulson: Her name is Lola.
Reyes: Of course it is.

An excellent follow-up from this season’s most promising new show.

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