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The Vampire Diaries 5×01 – I Know What You Did Last Summer

"If I have to learn the word Doppelganger one more time, I think I'm gonna actually have to learn to spell it."


Season four of The Vampire Diaries was a major flop. It was lazily plotted, absurdly slow, and frequently boring. Will season five return the vampy drama to its former glory? Only time will tell, but I think we’re off to a great start.

Interestingly enough, the new college setting might be exactly what the show needs. That environment didn’t exactly work for Buffy, but I have a feeling TVD might benefit from that renewed sense of focus. It also helps that Elena and Caroline get to be roommates, as the show tends to suffer when they’re each off doing their own thing. Also, Dobrev and Accola have wonderful chemistry, so anything that brings their dynamic to the forefront is fine by me.

Thankfully, the writers seem to be over the whole sire-bond shtick and are willing to let Elena and Damon enjoy their relationship for once. Although I kept wondering how awkward it must have been for Ian and Nina (they recently broke up in real-life), it was just awesome to see the two characters enjoying each other’s company for once (and sexing it up everywhere in sight).

Honestly, I’m not sure Katherine becoming human is such a good idea anymore. The awesome part of the character was the fact that Nina Dobrev would get to play the powerful, bad girl. But now she feels like she’s just another whiny Elena. Thankfully with Silas on her trail, she’ll be forced to get proactive (and psychotic) as evidenced by her causing the car crash at the end. What does Silas want with the newly-minted human? It better not be anticlimactic is all I can say.

Speaking of Silas, he was infinitely more threatening in the premiere than he was in the entirety of season four. Not only did he gloriously slice Sheriff Forbes’ wrist in broad daylight (while making himself a drink in the process), he revealed himself to the whole cast in a matter of minutes. I was afraid we’d have to endure a whole season of whacky hijinks with everyone wondering why Stefan was acting so weird, so this was a breath of fresh air.

Which brings me to that ending: Silas Stefan compelling whole town square and slaughtering Bonnie’s dad as she shrieks in terror. One word: WOW. You just know The Vampire Diaries is firing on all cylinders when you witness a jawdropper like that one. And the cherry on top? Silas calmly asking them all to find Katherine for him. Seriously, brilliant!

And kudos to Paul Wesley. He plays a badass villain.

Bits & Bites

– Epic shot with Elena submerged in the bathtub transitioning to Stefan trapped in the coffin. Too cool.

– Katherine has many enemies and “blisters“. Ha!

– Why does Elena and Caroline’s dead roommate have a picture of Elena’s dad? Hmm…

– Nice to see that Katharine is still tough; loved her slicing Silas across the cheek.

– Who is Nadia and what has she done to Matt? Those black eyes can’t be good (and I do hope he’s something more than possessed).

– Pretty heartwarming moment with Damon saving Jeremy and hugging him dearly. These two just have the coolest dynamic.

– This might be the first time in history I didn’t find a single song I liked in a TVD episode. A pity.

– Submerged Stefan’s flashes of Damon telling him to turn off his humanity were a bit heavy-handed, but it was interesting to see that it was the vision of Elena that convinced him otherwise. But please writers, no love triangle anytime soon.

Vampy Zingers

Katherine: I like Elena-less Stefan.

Rebekah: 5-Star restaurants in Paris to tapping kegs in a park. Tragic.

A highly enjoyable and action-packed premiere from The Vampire Diaries. I’m definitely hopeful.

Nad Rating


  1. The episode was supremely well directed. Special kudos on any scene involving real Stefan, be it underwater or hallucinations. Very cool premiere, forward momentum achieved!
    Nad not even Cary Brothers' Run away made the list?

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