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A Spy Saga Comes to an End
Nikita‘s final season has an airdate: the fourth season premiere will hit the airwaves on Friday November 22, on the CW. Although it’s heartbreaking to acknowledge that one of my favorite shows ever is coming to an end, I’m thankful that the thrilling spy drama will get the ending it deserves. I recently interviewed one of the show’s most talented writers, Carlos Coto, and he assured me that Nikita‘s swan song would be an epic one. Who else can’t wait to see how it ends?

The Season’s First Casualty
It’s done: one show has already caught the ax (and we’re barely a month into the season). The unlucky production is none other than ABC drama Lucky 7. I’ve been meaning to catch the pilot for a while but there’s no point now; the show probably won’t have the opportunity to produce a satisfying series finale. I’m just not in the mood for a bunch of loose ends (A decade later, I’m still reeling over Dark Angel).

Halle Berry Lands on CBS
Further proving that the best writing is on television, the latest high-profile film star to gravitate towards the small screen is none other than Oscar winner Halle Berry. The stunning beauty has signed on to lead Extant, a CBS series set to air next summer (thanks to Under The Dome’s undeserving success). The logline is pretty vague – something about an astronaut who returns home and changes the fate of the universe. I guess Gravity‘s success is pushing Hollywood to invest in astronauts?

Sandra Speaks
If you’re a Grey’s Anatomy fan, you’ll enjoy reading this short interview with Sandra Oh as she reveals how she’s dealing with leaving the iconic show. I do hope Grey’s ends its run this season as I fathom the medical drama surviving her exit. Christina Yang is just as integral as Meredith, Bailey and the rest of the core cast. Let’s see how this plays out…

New Show Alert
Tim Kring’s Heroes was a huge flop in my eyes; it started out with a ton of potential but soon became an absolute mess. Nonetheless, I find myself intrigued by his next project: Exp -a CW high school drama that tackles the ramifications of a designer drug that apparently makes people faster and stronger. Hmm… hit or flop?

This Week In Ratings

Betrayal Bombs, Favorites Return Low
With the worst reviews of all time, Betrayal produced some pretty bad ratings for ABC, guaranteeing a dreadfully short run on the air. It’s a pity, as I quite enjoyed the pilot. In addition, returning favorites including Revenge, Once Upon A Time, and The Good Wife made their returns with disappointing numbers compared to their last premieres.

Scandal Soars
I couldn’t be more pleased; Scandal hit a series high with its spectacular season three premiere. I guess my prayers were answered and the year’s most buzzworthy show gained a lot of new viewers over the summer (God knows I spread the word). I do hope it doesn’t flame out anytime soon. Ratings for The Vampire Diaries however? Not so much.

Weekly Picks

Quote of the Week
“Let’s never say the words Carrion or Initiative ever again.”
– Emily Thorne, Revenge.

Episode of the Week
Scandal 3×01 – It’s Handled (Season Premiere)
Just jawdropping. I had a nervous feeling that Scandal would return with a whimper and boy was I wrong. This was a mindblowing episode and a perfect example of the show firing on all cylinders. If you’re not watching this nifty political thriller, then you’re missing out on something truly special.

Promo of the Week
Modern Family
A simple and highly amusing promo for Modern Family‘s milestone 100th episode. Although the show’s gotten pretty formulaic over the years, I’m still a big fan. Because seriously, God Bless Sofia Vergara.

Must-Download Tune of the Week
Feel For Me by Foy Vance
I am totally in love with this utterly perfect song which was marvelously showcased in the Betrayal pilot. Give it a listen, because Foy Vance’s vocals are just sublime.

That’s all for now folks. Happy TV Binging.

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