Revenge 3×02 – Sin

"Check your soul Emily Thorne, because once you start taking down kittens, I'm out."


After two seasons and a half, Emily Thorne finally has a conscience; I just can’t seem to decide if that’s a good thing or not.

It’s true we’ve seen Miss Thorne sporadically question her motives before, but she’s never really considered halting her mission mid-takedown. Thankfully that didn’t happen, but Miss Vengeance now has a different objective: get Conrad to confess using his Grayson Global lackey-turned-priest. I do hope this choice doesn’t stall the show’s momentum, because it needs every bit of excitement it can muster. Sure it’s admirable that our malevolent heroine is growing, but does that really equal riveting television? The show’s ratings have been steadily dwindling, and with such a limited premise, I have a feeling this season might very well be the show’s last (which is probably all for the best).

The season’s strongest element is undoubtedly Emily and Nolan’s dynamic. He was more judgmental than ever this week, and I adored every one of the duo’s scenes (and the host of barbs they zinged at each other). I’m beyond pleased that the writers are devoting so much time to this poignant relationship, and that it’s never evolved into anything more than a platonic love. Nolan’s always been Emily’s moral compass, and it should stay that way.

I’m also impressed by Patrick. The sequence with Victoria introducing him to her ruthless family over dinner was a highlight, as was the fact that her son could capably defend himself against those vultures. His introduction also allowed Victoria to become a badass again, as I absolutely loved her standing up for him and criticizing her vindictive excuse of a family. Of course there will be some sort of twist coming where Patrick is concerned, I just hope it’s something more creative than a run-of-the-mill con-artist.

Unfortunately, this episode did have its flaws, and yes I’m referring to two storylines in particular:

Oh Charlotte, when will you cease to be so darn irritating? I hate to say it, but Krista Allen often feels like the worst actress on network television. The graver sin here is the fact that the writers are saddling her with quite a bit of material – material that requires an actress with actual depth to her performance. Charlotte began this episode by supporting her booze-gulping father, but ended the hour by wishing a lonely death upon him (thanks to Jack’s reveal). That’s all in addition to her harsh treatment of Emily, unbeknownst of their sibling connection. I don’t know about you guys, but the brat is getting too much screen-time and is offering zilch in return. Ugh.

And what of Aiden and Victoria? Ignoring the fact that these two keep having secret meetings on yachts (really stretching believability here), are we really supposed to believe that Mathis has turned on Emily? If he really wanted her dead, he’d simply tell Victoria the truth about our heroine’s identity, so obviously he has some long-term plot in mind (whether Emily is in on it or not, is still a mystery). But I just have this sinking feeling that the writers expect us to believe that Aiden has in fact turned on his love, which makes the whole debacle pretty unbelievable and forced.

Vengeful Bits

– It seems the writers haven’t forgotten Nolan is bisexual, as we see him offering his one-night-stand a “drive” of shame (since rich guys don’t walk and all).

– The infinity box is now safely at Nolan’s. Good job Emms, that only took you three seasons.

– Amusing touch: Jack using a red sharpie in the bar.

– Charlotte, your dad isn’t an example of “bad things happening to good people.” Get a brain you imbecile.

– Oh how the mighty have fallen; the Graysons are now selling their art.

– Margaux still isn’t the most exciting of characters, although I was shocked when they had us believe Daniel slept with her. It seems he has a job now? I should care more..

– Victoria gifting Nolan the muffins that HE made was hilarious. She’s cheap isn’t she?

– Did you really think quoting her dead dad would help your case Nolan?

– Adored the shot of Emily seated like a sinister supervillain in church and uttering that sinister “amen“. More please.

– I don’t get it: how is Aiden showing Victoria that Emily bought Nolan’s house, proof of her having their fortune? Doesn’t Victoria already know that Emily is a millionairess?

– Emily whispering “I’m sorry dad” at church was a quick but tremendously poignant moment.

– Weirdly enough, the one time we don’t get any how-the-revenge-plot-happened flashbacks, is the one time we could have used them. So basically Emily knocked out father Whitley, and took photographs of a prostitute fake-sleeping with him? And she obviously poisoned the muffins too right (just like she did his drink)?

– I think I kinda felt sorry for Conrad at church in the end. But then I remembered he’s only feeling guilty because he’s dying. No sympathy here bro.

Devious Delights

Charlotte: Booze in the morning looks a lot like denial, Dad.

Nolan: (to Emily) Had a feeling you’d be uncapping that red sharpie now that Jack’s set a deadline. So who’s next to get caught with red on their face?

Victoria: (about Conrad) You’re welcome to take a run at him, but he’s always viewed God as a competitor.

Nolan: Perfect timing Emms; I picked up a new hobby working in the prison kitchen. Turns out that blueberry muffins can calm even the most sociopathic of hearts.
Emily: Then I should have one.

Nolan: Every other takedown had histories that read like rap-sheets. But all signs point to Paul being a good man.
Emily: My father was a better man!
Nolan: Right, the gospel according to Emily: sin unto others as you’ve had sinned unto you.

Victoria: Unhand my painting this instant!

Jack: (to Emily) Tell me, when exactly did punishing the guilty become more important to you than helping the innocent?

Conrad: Freelancing is not a profession dear, it’s a hobby one has between bartending shifts.

Daniel: How do we know you’re really her son?
Patrick: I have the…. (he checks his pocket) You know what, I left the DNA test in my other jacket.

Jack: Maybe the best-laid plans are sometimes meant to be abandoned.
Emily: Maybe they’re meant to be carried out alone!

While it still has its share of flaws, Sin is a well-executed step-up over the season premiere. Let’s hope Revenge can sustain the momentum and produce a hell of a year.

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  1. I thought that this was a good episode but though it did have it's flaws but it was still entertaining it's always good to have Emily question her flaws once in a while this season will not be it's last because of syndication purposes regardless of what ratings it gets

  2. Yes I've read that the show will get a fourth season because of syndication, but there are quite a few people who think that might not even happen if the ratings continue to drop at such a disastrous rate. We'll see what happens, but I kind of want the show to just end. I don't think I can watch almost two more seasons. Part of me really wishes Revenge was just a one-season limited story. It would have been so much more impactful.

  3. i do agree with you and i think that it would be pretty wise and creatively if the writers just ended it this season otherwise its just going to get ridiculous if the show stays longer than that i mean how long does it take for emily to go after the graysons? i really like this show and since it started on a high note i really want it to end on a higher note. if it does get a fourth season then i think they should do what they did with nikita they have the be like 12 episodes next season if it does get another season

  4. Seriously NOBODY CARES about Charlotte!!! But I must admit I love reading how much you hate her, “Get a brain you imbecile” Haha you just want her to die already!

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