Betrayal 1×02 – …Except When The Bear Is Chasing You

"How do you know if you're living the life you're supposed to live or the one that just happened to you?"


Maybe I spoke too soon?

When everyone was trashing Betrayal (critics and Nielsen ratings alike), I spoke up regarding the fact that I found the pilot to be an engaging affair (pun intended). But after watching the show’s second outing, I find its prospects troubling from a storytelling perspective. Maybe it’s for the best; ABC will undoubtedly be cancelling the production within the coming weeks and it’s best not to get too attached.

What I loved most about the pilot – the fantastic chemistry between our two leads – sort of fell flat this week. Maybe it’s because the murder mystery took center-stage, but I was kind of hoping for more in-depth focus on what makes these cheaters tick. Why do they think their marriages are so terrible? Are they just bored? And why did Sarah act shocked to see Jack at her husband’s office? After all, she did learn about his identity in the final moments of the pilot. Oy.

It helps that the murder case is turning into an utter bore. First there’s the TJ element, which feels strangely off, particularly to his dynamic with the immensely annoying Helena Mattsson (this woman was terrible on both Nikita and 666 Park Avenue). Seriously, stop casting her. The one highlight of the murder case is the fact that Jack and Drew finally came head to head, and the latter displayed his superiority complex over the man sleeping with his wife (without knowing that’s the case of course).

On another note, James Cromwell is still excellent as the towering patriarch, and I absolutely loved him viciously threatening Connie at the end. This guy plays the evil-menace type so well, and he’s just terrifying to watch. Merrin Dungey also got some added screen-time as Sarah’s boss, and I’m hoping that will continue in the coming weeks. It would do the show a lot of good to develop these two some more.

And the ending? Really? Instead of the fakeout with Sarah going to Drew and her family instead of Jack, couldn’t we have gotten something a tad more exciting? For a show that doesn’t have the highest-concept premise, it should be throwing a hell of a lot more twists at us. I know it’s sounding like I’m jumping on the hate bandwagon, but I’m not; I want this show to make a bigger impact in its run, and I will try to stick around until the end. Just give me something here.

P.S. I really adore the show’s musical score.
P.P.S. Is Sarah going to wear that coat in every episode? I admit that it’s kinda endearing in a peasant sort of way.

Catchy Quips

Sarah: They’re like wild gorillas.
Alissa: With cellphones.

Alissa: Sometimes an almost-dead plants counts as a child.


A disappointing follow-up to the pilot. Step it up show.

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  1. Highlights of the episode:
    – Jack and Drew going head to head
    – James Cromwell as the evil guy

    I found myself trying hard to actually finish this episode because as you mentioned a lot of questions remain unanswered. I really would like to know why are they cheating? They both seem to have nice families. Ok they have great chemistry but to delve into this kind of affair this quickly means that there is something wrong with their marriages which isn't clear yet. Also the show is becoming more focused on solving the crime so the affair really didn't get any depth this week.

    Anyway, I am still giving this a chance and let's hope things pick up in the next episode.

    P.S: I really hate that coat!!

  2. Haha Tagouga I think you're my TV soulmate; we seem to agree on EVERYTHING from characters to music. Yes let's give it another episode or two and see what happens (that is, if ABC keeps on the air for that long).

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