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The Good Wife 5×02 – A Bit Bucket

"Now now, Jesus has no problem with Grace looking her best."


I’m not the biggest fan of Neil Gross and Chumhum, but I do appreciate The Good Wife‘s love of continuity. Bringing back clients and cases we’re already invested in goes a long way in bringing the engrossing (and crazy) world of Alicia Florrick to life. And really who can deny John Hickey’s effectiveness in the role of Neil Gross? He’s devious, demanding, and so very sleazy. Just don’t come back anytime soon okay? I think I’ve had enough.

Can Alicia and Carey open up their firm already? I hope their move doesn’t take too long to happen as I really want to get to the good stuff fast – and by good stuff I’m of course referring to Alica and Carey facing off with their doppelgangers: Will and Diane. Thankfully, the road to the move has been the highlight so far, with David Lee sniffing around every corner ready to pounce and decimate our duo’s plans. This week, his target was Alicia’s mother.

Stockard Channing’s portrayal of Alicia’s mom Veronica has always struck me as a bit odd. She had a revelatory scene with her daughter this week as the latter drunkenly divulged that she felt like her mother never loved her as a child. I wish this was explored a tad more elaborately because it could have shed a lot of light on their dynamic thus far. Interestingly enough, the writers subtly integrated Victoria into the season’s main plot-line by having her fund Alicia and Carey’s new office. This decision obviously raised a red flag with David Lee, and I can’t wait to see him blow the whole thing wide open.

Quite compellingly, this episode was interspersed with mini-scenes of the NSA listening on our characters’ phone conversations. From Alicia and Carey’s sneaky machinations, to Zack’s ex being red-flagged as part of a terrorist plot, the ramifications of this snooping are bound to be explosive. And since continuity is such an integral part of the show, I have no doubt that we’ll be revisiting this plot point very soon (if not in the following episode).

Diane’s Supreme Court nomination also took some turns this week, as Eli urged her to trash Will’s past as a gesture of good will towards the Chief Justice. Diane couldn’t do it at first, but ultimately succumbed in a contrived ending as we realized that Peter had already intervened. But how did he threaten the Chief Justice? This better be good.

Bits & Cases

– Did anyone else assume David Lee was Veronica’s boyfriend before she named some random dude?

– I love Jeffrey Tambor as Judge Kluger. There was a wonderfully awkard moment where he showed his displeasure at Alicia trying to joke with him in court.

– Honestly I was somewhat bored by the Chumhum developments, but I did love them winning and Gross insinuating that he won big (due to the gag order). Also, was that supposed to be a TED-like talk? Ha. This show kills me.

– Barely any quotable lines this week. A pity.

Good Lines

Eli: I don’t understand.
Diane: I didn’t do it.
Eli: Oh that part I understand!

Not as engrossing as the premiere, but still a serviceable and entertaining hour of The Good Wife.

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