2-Year Anniversary Of Nad’s Reviews

Don Draper with Buffy’s stake, Emily’s thornes, and a Desperate apple.

Two years. Wow. Let’s compare some stats.

One year ago:
over 40,000 unique hits
an average of 300 page views a day
407 posts
375 user comments
530 fans on Facebook
and five awesome guest bloggers

over 400,000 unique hits
an average of 3000 page views a day
777 posts
1168 user comments
2,250 fans on Facebook
and 17 awesome guest bloggers

That’s pretty amazing isn’t it?

Random fun facts about Nad’s Reviews:

– Most popular post overall: Nad’s Guide To Dining In Beirut 2013 (What can I say, the Lebanese love to eat).

– Most popular TV review: 666 Park Avenue Series Finale (I guess sudden cancellation means a ton of traffic).

– Most popular film review: Man Of Steel (I can only imagine how big the sequel featuring Batman will be).

– Most popular restaurant review: Frosty Palace (Well deserved).

Thank you folks for your constant support. It hasn’t been easy keeping this site alive, but I don’t think there’s anything I’m prouder of in this life. Let’s keep on growing.

Happy TV binging. 

The cast of Desperate Housewives celebrating.

Doctors Derek Shepard and Miranda Bailey of Grey’s Anatomy joining in on the celebrations.

Even Weed‘s very own Nancy Botwin is sharing the joy.

Special thanks to Hala Adaimy as always for the wonderful visuals.


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