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Grey’s Anatomy 10×04 – Puttin’ On The Ritz

"Right and wrong don't live here son. This is the wild west."


200 episodes. Wow.

Was anyone else hoping for something a little more… explosive? I know Shonda and Greys have come under fire for tackling a tad too many “disaster” episodes, but I love those outings. They’re thrilling, unpredictable and quite taxing on an emotional love. This however, was a more low-key approach to things.

It was admittedly charming to watch our entire cast dressed to the nines and enjoying their time flirting with donors (before tackling the requisite medical emergency). I was most intrigued by Christina and Owen’s actions throughout the hour; while the former flirted her way to a hell of lot of zeroes, the latter genuinely tried to move on after meeting a gorgeous doctor called Emma. Can I just say that Marguerite Moreau is gorgeous and the perfect person I’d want Owen to start something up with after Christina leaves (or before)? It’s amazing really, but within the span of a couple of minutes, I could totally see these two together and I was completely won over by Marguerite’s charm and inherent likeability. If I had any fears of Owen as a character not surviving Christina’s exit, they were pretty much wiped away with Emma’s introduction. Very impressive to say the least.

When Bailey’s sleazy chemo patient was introduced, I rolled my eyes at the whole racist shtick. It just didn’t seem to gel with the rest of the episode. But then something interesting happened: Webber got aggressive with Bailey – hellbent on giving up. And thus Bailey got the brilliant idea of wheeling in her patient and making him Webber’s roommate (which eventually got the Chief to think of living again). That was pretty darn satisfying, and a beautiful turn of events.

Bits & Scalpels

– Derek juggling! We’ve seen this talent before right? It seems so familiar.

– Awesome Emma moment: her shying telling Owen she finds him cute without really saying it.

– Derek bringing the baby to the gala (to compete with Meredith) was underhanded and so very funny.

– I didn’t find Callie pretending Arizona was dead (to gain contributions) funny in the slightest. I guess I’m definitely Team Stevens.

– Although Ellen Pompeo looked gorgeous in that dress, it was quite amusing to see Meredith in a tracksuit at the gala.

– The trapeze artist falling followed by the bone coming out was extremely gruesome. I literally looked away.

– I surprisingly enjoyed April and Arizona bonding in the closet over champagne. “Can I try on your leg?”

– Seriously Webber, pushing Bailey to the floor was NOT cool.

– Prom reference! Wohoo!

– I could care less about Avery and Stephanie. And I really didn’t expect him to accept the whole Shane-kissing-his-girlfriend thing so easily.

– Christina’s evil laugh after taking the donor’s money was beyond sinister and delicious. Sandra Oh is always a reliable highlight.

– Alex’s dad? Really? I have zero investment in where this could go.

– The ending was appropriately low-key with Meredith and Derek back in action.

Grey Banter

Derek: What was that?
Meredith: What was that?
Derek: That sparkly eye thing?
Meredith: I can’t help it if my eyes have a natural sparkle.
Derek: You were flirting.
Meredith: I don’t know what you’re talking about; go juggle some balls.

Christina: Another whiskey soda.
Bartender: That’s your fifth one.
Christina: Who are you, my mom?

Arizona: Are you talking about Matthew… or Jesus?

Murphy: Doctor Stevens, you paged me… to a closet?

Murphy: I would appreciate if going forward, you would treat me with the respect that entails.
Arizona: You’re adorable.

Must Download Tune
Future Days by Pearl Jam

An underwhelming albeit admittedly charming 200th episode from Grey’s Anatomy.

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  1. Yes I was expecting something more “explosive” as you put it.. Some of the storylines in this episode were totally uninteresting like Alex and his dad, Avery and his gf.. Also I did not enjoy Callie's lie about a dead Arizona.

    Owen's new love interest is quite gorgeous and pretty charming, you can't NOT like her. And honestly Owen and Christina are bound to end I mean they have been on and off for so long and the relationship was doomed from the start with Christina not wanting children and all.

    Meredith and McDreamy continue to be my favorite couple ever and loved the reference to the prom night.

    Favorite quote of the episode: “Arizona: Are you talking about Matthew… or Jesus?”

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