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Nad’s News – Issue #4


Hot Topics

Alias 2.0
ABC has reportedly picked up Allegiance, which centers on a young female FBI agent and the most notorious terrorist in the world: her mother. So basically it’s Alias season two? I won’t deny that I’m intrigued by the prospects. With Nikita ending, the television landscape needs a kickass female spy and this could be just what the doctor ordered. Or it could produce the most laughable pilot of all time. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Shield Gets Full Season Pickup
Although its ratings have been declining with every passing week, ABC has picked up Marvel’s weekly adventure show for a full season. Personally, I’m really enjoying the excellent production values and the snappy banter, but I do hope the show can tap into its full potential in the coming weeks. This is Joss Whedon after all.

NBC Hops Through Time
With The Blacklist taking off, NBC is investing in TWO time-traveling dramas for its next development cycle. Obviously it will only pick one (if any) but they both sound compelling enough. From the loglines, I’m much more partial to Lighthouse which is set in a hotel for time travelers. That premise just sounds really funky and cool.

Taking Television to the Next Level
I’ve never watched Hawaii Five-O but this is pretty groundbreaking. Last season, the show let viewers pick the ending of an episode, and this year they’re letting the public vote for an episode’s entire storyline right down to the murder weapon. The interactive experience will even let viewers decide on production details like props and wardrobe. Genius huh? It almost makes me want to start watching the CBS procedural. Almost.

The King is Back
I’ve always been fascinated by the story of King Arthur, so I’m beyond pumped that Greg Berlanti (Arrow) is developing a modern day take on the story for ABC titled Excalibur. Seriously this is just brimming with potential. But who would you like to see cast as the titular king? My money’s on

This Week In Ratings

American Horror Story Scares Up Record Numbers
Fantastic news. This show is a masterpiece, and the third season premiere produced the series’ highest numbers yet. Congrats Miss Lange. You deserve it.

 Scandal Tops Nielsen Twitter Ratings
We all know Nielsen ratings are a very dated method for tracking what’s currently hot on television. And thus Nielsen has decided to start releasing its first ever Twitter ratings. Lo and behold, current pop culture phenomenon Scandal has topped the list. Honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Weekly Picks

Quote of the Week
“When witches don’t fight, we burn.”
Fiona Goode, American Horror Story Coven

Episode of the Week
Scandal 3×02 – Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner
For the second straight week in a row, Scandal produced the best hour of TV I’ve seen all week. Sometimes I really feel like I’m running out of adjectives to describe just how much I adore this brilliant show.

Promo of the Week
The Tomorrow People
The pilot was generic, but this promo holds promise that the show might go to some unexpected places and give Steven some interesting moral dilemmas to tackle.

Must-Download Tune of the Week
Don’t Deserve You by Plumb
A stunning little song that was wonderfully utilized in this week’s full-on makeout session between Elena and Damon on The Vampire Diaries.

And before I leave, here are some interesting TV articles I found this week.

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Oh and Nad’s Reviews turned two this week. Click here to see who joined in on the epic celebrations.

Happy TV Binging.

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