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The Good Wife 5×03 – A Precious Commodity

"We can shove you out you know."


If I had one word to describe this episode, it would be unpredictable.

 The Good Wife frequently astounds me with the manner in which it tackles certain storylines. I definitely didn’t except Will and Diane to collide so quickly, and I surely didn’t see Alicia committing to the move so hastily within the span of one episode. The very fabric of the show has been altered, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Will and Diane’s friendship has been such a monumental cornerstone of The Good Wife, that I found it especially difficult to watch these two on opposite sides of the spectrum throwing barbs at one another. It was even more heartwrenching to see David Lee and the rest of the firm swoop in so callously ready to throw Diane out on her butt. Of course The Good Wife only ever works in shades of grey, and one could easily fault Diane as well for throwing Will under the bus with such disregard. It’s such a layered and complex scenario, and it adds a whole other dimension to Alicia’s decision to leave the firm.

Speaking of that game-changer, I absolutely loved Will offering Alicia the Managing Partner position. It’s such a magnificent turn because it places the viewer in Alicia’s shoes, and makes you wonder what you would do if faced with the same choice. Thankfully, the resolution to this dilemma was extraordinarily satisfying: Alicia witnesses the bad blood brewing between two previously-devoted partners, and rushes towards Carey with the intent of leaving the firm immediately. It’s a brilliantly-nuanced take on an all-too-real predicament.

Melissa George made her return this week as Peter and Eli reinstated the head of the ethics board after guest-star Talia Balsam began snooping around. George plays the headstrong professional well, as it’s always exciting to have someone go head to head with Eli. I’m unsure what to make of the apparent sexual tension between her and Peter (as things are going so well with Alicia), but I’m willing to see if the writers can explore some fresh avenues within this storyline (God knows they’ve earned my trust).

Less effective was Alicia struggling with Grace’s new-found sexuality. The Florrick kids have always been a weak link where subplots are concerned, but this one is at least more intriguing than the usual affairs. The storyline mostly worked thanks to Grace revealing to her mom that she wants someone else to find her “pretty”. I do enjoy the chemistry between Margulies and Vega, so this was a perfectly serviceable subplot (albeit unspectacular).

Bits & Cases

– With all the significant things going on this week, I didn’t even mention our case with the birth defect. All in all, it was thoroughly compelling with the show’s usual array of mini-twists and turns. I particularly loved David Lee’s involvement (Seriously, making him a series regular was a genius move).

– Kalinda’s been sidelined this year and I honestly don’t miss her that much. She got one great moment through: the hurt and disappointment as Robin revealed to her that Alicia was leaving.

– The threesome talk in court was pretty nasty huh? Wouldn’t expect that on a network show.

– Alicia screaming at the biker dude (who turned out to be a pastor) was hilarious.

– The musical score that accompanied Alicia’s final proclamation was especially rousing.

Good Lines

Alicia: Wow.
Grace: Is that a good wow?
Alicia: It’s a you-dont-look-like-yourself wow.

Diane: No.
David: What does that mean?
Diane: It means I don’t accept your exit package.
David: We can shove you out you know.

A Precious Commodity is a shocking and powerful episode of The Good Wife.

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  1. Wow! I honestly did not notice Kalinda's absence this season because Alicia is ON FIRE! I'm just astounded by how the writers have developed her character over the years (it helps to binge this show and realize how carefully plotted every single detail and trait about this character is).

    As for Will and Diane, I'm so happy to see them bicker. It's amazing how this show is flipping its status quo like that and makes me wonder how on earth this season is going to shape up while ALSO keeping all of the actors in one way or another.

  2. Oh and Melissa George! Hated her on Alias and her show last year Heartbeat…well, we know how that went. I don't know if I like her. I feel like I'm always just waiting for her to take on a good role on a good show, and that hasn't happened yet, so I'm always WAITING to like her hahah

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