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The Walking Dead 4×01 – 30 Days Without An Accident

"I'm tired of losing people"


Funny how The Walking Dead’s highest rated episode in history, also turned out to be one of its most uneventful. Is it just me, or was this kind of boring

This is one show that needs a consistent Big Bad. Last season, the introduction of the ruthless (and tremendously terrifying) Governor, supplied the show with a worthwhile antagonist that kept the stakes high and the tone consistently unsettling. But what is there to fear this year? The Governor is God knows where, and our cast is even larger now with the inclusion of the Woodbury survivors (which severely lessens the isolation factor).

There’s promise with the mysterious infection that has begun to spread, as evidenced by the dead pig, Walkers with bloody eyes, and the kid coughing himself to death in the episode’s final moments. I guess we’re supposed to assume that Daryl is a carrier since he very noticeably licked his fingers before shaking the boy’s hand. Wherever this goes, it better be thrilling; The Walking Dead is no fun when the stakes aren’t high.

Much more successful was Rick’s subplot with the dirt-drenched woman he met in the woods. I don’t know why I found this subplot so darn creepy, but I was completely engrossed by Rick’s horrifying predicament. Could this woman be trusted? Who is her mysterious husband? I genuinely jumped when she suddenly charged at Rick before taking her own life. The subplot might not have revealed anything new about the show (the end is here, all hope is lost etc..), but it was still effective. Plus, I admire the show’s restraint in not showing us her husband (the insinuation that he was moving under those sheets was more than enough).

Quite surprisingly, this was an enlightening episode for Carol. Not only does it looks like she and Darryl are kind of a couple now, the woman is secretly teaching kids how to use knives and defend themselves in a post-apocalyptic world. Carol is one character that’s evolved greatly over the course of the show. She began as a hopeless victim of abuse, and slowly morphed into a confident and brave survivor. I never would have thought she could ever become one of the show’s highlights. Let’s just hope Carl doesn’t tell on her to his dad.

Zombie Bites

– Was anyone else amused by Carl naming the pig Violet, and then scolding his fellow brats for naming the Walkers?

– The decimated helicopter on the roof was quite the sight. And the Walkers crashing from above proved to be an awesome little set-piece. One thing you can always rely on with this show is the pretty creative action.

– Unfortunately it says a lot that I’ve never had a quotes section for The Walking Dead. It’s a pity, because the show could really thrive with some humor to contrast the misery.

– I’m so glad we eventually got to hear Rick’s three questions:
1 – How many Walkers have you killed?
2 – How many humans have you killed?
3) Why? (I’m assuming this follows-up the second question)

– I’m impressed by how tough Beth has gotten; she barely flinched when Darryl told her of her dead boyfriend. Their hug was also quite touching.

– Maggie’s not pregnant, yet she’s confident they could raise a baby. Interesting.

– The ending was admittedly very good, with a Walker now in the midst of our gang’s safe haven. I do hope next week will rock.

A sadly underwhelming return from The Walking Dead.

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  1. the ratings are better than the episode itself, i thought that the episode was okay but it was really nothing special

  2. Good lord that was painfully boring. I jumped on the “I love this show!” bandwagon way too quickly after binging the last couple of episodes because this was BAAAD. The introduction of so many new characters is already exhausting and for some reason I really don't like Carl.

    I found Rick's subplot sooo fascinating too! I actually teared up when the woman ended her life so she could be with her husband (also love that he remained off-screen). And did not realize that Daryl could be a carrier of the “infection” thanks to that spit-handshake! Nice catch.

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