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The Walking Dead 4×02 – Infected

"When you care about people, hurt is kinda part of the package."


That’s more like it.

After a severely underwhelming premiere, Infected was a harrowing return to form for one of the most unsettling shows on television.

Last week, I said that The Walking Dead would suffer without a Big Bad, and while that’s still an issue going forward, the budding infection amongst our survivors is a pretty terrifying source of drama. This week’s opening scene did an exceptional job of conveying the utter horror of having a Walker turn within the prison walls, culminating in a full-on attack on our gang. Suffice to say, I take back ALMOST-everything I said last week, because the stakes have been raised once more.

We’ve also got a compelling mystery this year: someone from the inside is feeding Walkers rats (thus crumbling the fence), not to mention taking matters into their own hands by burning two infected survivors to a crisp (a suitably haunting final image). My money’s on one of the new Woodbury additions, although I would love it if the culprit is someone we’re already invested in.

I can not express how awesome Carol was this week. She really is becoming my favorite character on the show, and it’s fascinating to witness her development. First she displayed amazing maturity in caring for the two girls’ fallen dad (she was swiftly about to amputate his infected arm), before ultimately stepping in and delivering the final blow. The entire sequence with Lizzy trying to step up and carry out the act herself was extremely heartbreaking, and cemented itself as one of the most horrifying scenes The Walking Dead‘s ever produced.

Zombie Bites

– I almost barfed at the sight of the rat being eaten alive by Walkers. Ugh.

– Karen walking through the prison was quite terrifying. By not showing us the Walker, the tension is ten times more effective. I was truly on the edge of my seat throughout.

– Michonne hurt her leg this week; I do hope this won’t affect her Walker-slicing skills, much.

– Surprisingly satisfying moment with Darryl letting Rick know he trusts him as a leader.

– My heart seriously broke for the poor pigs Rick sacrificed to lead the Walkers away from the fence. The musical score during that scene was particularly touching.

– I take it Michonne might have had a child that she lost in the past? Holding the baby obviously affected her, and it was beautiful moment for the character.

– I’m really glad Rick didn’t overreact after Carl told him about Carol and the kids.

– What was the symbolism behind Rick burning his clothes? Or was he just afraid of getting infected from the pig’s blood?

– Little Lizzy taking the knife from Carol at the end was wonderfully poignant.

An affecting and reliably gruesome hour of The Walking Dead. Superb.

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  1. My goodness this show is so inconsistent. This was one of the most unsettling things I've ever seen. Rick slicing the pigs open and feeding them to the walkers…SO freakin' disturbing, especially with the music playing in the background. Very heartbreaking.

    Loved the creepy ending!

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