Scandal 3×04 – Say Hello To My Little Friend

"Well, you’re the daughter of the man that runs the top secret organization that made your friend kill a man for some reason having to do with your ex boyfriend, the president."


I have a feeling that a few years down the line, when we look back on the epic journey that was Scandal, we’re going to point to a handful of episodes (incuding this one), and refer to them as missteps. Say Hello To My Little Friend was definitely entertaining – Scandal always is – but it lacked the punch and thrills this show is capable of.

Our case of the week involving a sexting Congressman felt very much like a run-of-the-mill plot we’d get in season one, and that’s definitely not the kind of thing I expect from Scandal today. Yes I know the show is bound to tackle standalone cases from time to time, but they have to be better integrated with the main arc in order to resonate. I can’t simply detach from everything that’s been going on in recent weeks and be expected to care about some one-shot guest-stars. On the bright side, the case had a compelling little twist with Olivia realizing at the last moment that she let the killer (the congressman’s wife) escape scot-free. But was this turn powerful enough to make the hour worthwhile? I don’t think so.

Unlike the true nature of some mysteries last year, it looks like we’re going to get to the bottom of the Remington case quite soon. While it still feels like a retcon of the show’s history (seeing as how this seemingly traumatic event was never brought up by Fitz before), I’m extremely intrigued to find out the full details concerning this supposed rescue mission. And judging by this week’s riveting ending with Fitz marching into Rowan’s office, we just might get some answers as soon as next week. Bring it on Shonda.

While Mellie didn’t get much to do this week, I loved her trashing the journalist and getting caught by an open microphone (a real-world occurrence that happens all too often in our present day). It would do the writers good to put Mellie in similar predicaments as she’s much more exciting when her back is up against the wall and scrambling to hatch a plot to save her behind.

Scandalous Bits

– Harrison’s ass-shake was disturbing, and not nearly as funny as the writers assumed it would be.

– Lisa Kudrow (of Friends fame) didn’t get nearly enough screen-time for me to form an opinion on her. I guess we’ll be able to judge better next week, because her role looks like a pivotal one.

– Loved Cyrus spouting off the headlines about Mellie’s scandal which include: “First Catty bears claws” and “Mouthy Mellie”. Ha!

– The funeral was as boring as toast. I’m sorry but they spent too much time on something we have absolutely zero investment in.

– The Gravedigger having an Instagram account made me smile.

– Jake and Huck’s new partnership is a great one. On their own, they’re not the most fascinating of characters, but having them team up to take down Rowan is an inspired idea.

– I love that there are actual ramifications after everything Olivia has been through. This was perfectly conveyed in that short scene with her watching the reporters on TV debate her reputation and what a “punchline” she’s become.

– So Pope & Associates is having financial troubles? Uh oh.

– Fantastic moment with Fitz standing up for Mellie and protecting her from Cyrus. Sadly, that’s as far as his compassion goes after Mellie tries to hold his hand. Bellamy Young pretty much broke my heart right there.

– Loved Shelly’s speech to Olivia about being a role model to women which Olivia can relate to. It was a typical Grey’s Anatomy moment with the patient (in this case the client) and their issue paralleling our lead’s inner turmoil.

– Adored Shelly on the witness stand proclaiming that her husband is a creep and a pervert but definitely not a murderer.

– Huck screaming at an “interested” Quinn was extremely satisfying.

– I feel like every time the writers don’t know what to do with Abby and David, they hook them up again. Lazy.

– Why did Olivia answer Fitz at the end there? Surely she should have known it would ruin the moment with Jake. Ugh.


Mellie: We need to keep Fitz above the fray. Focus on national security, pick a fight with Russia or something.
Cyrus: The G8 summit is coming up.
Mellie: G8? No one pays attention to G8. Half of America can’t even spell G8. No we need a war, we need to liberate some people.

Quinn: Are we really going to-
Abby: Slut-shame a dead girl? All abroad.

James: (to Cyrus) I could have produced a segment on the President’s heart at a time when the only organ people care about is his penis.

Mellie: Blah blah blah, give any piece of trailer trash a push-up bra and a microphone and those stupid flyovers will eat it up like fried Twinkies.

Wendy: I should have screwed that kid, him and his beautiful thighs; I should have brought him home and banged him on our bed.

Must-Download Tunes
Mary Jane by Rick James
Wild Is the Wind by Nina Simone

Sadly, this was an underwhelming and forgettable hour of Scandal.

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  1. every show has its ups and downs, so i'm guessing that this hour is just a settup for something to happen later on

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