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The Walking Dead 4×03 – Isolation

"Everything we've fought so hard to keep out has found its way in."


What an ending.

I’ve always loved The Walking Dead, but the show isn’t exactly known for its blindsides. So imagine my surprise when Isolation came to a close with one of the most effective jaw-droppers I’ve seen all year. With one fell swoop, season four of The Walking Dead has gone into overdrive and I couldn’t be more excited to see what happens next.

Carol’s characterization would have fallen flat if it wasn’t for Melissa McBride’s stunning performance as the hardened survivor. I’ve said it countless times before in recent weeks but it’s astounding to witness the character’s transformation. After everything she’s been through, you totally buy her taking measures into her own hands, and choosing to protect the group in her own twisted way (by brutally burning Karen and David). Funnily enough, if she had just shot the infected, I probably wouldn’t have been so shocked, but her methods were particularly horrifying. Is there any coming back from this barbaric move? I sure hope so, because Carol is the The Walking Dead’s MVP, and I feel the show would suffer a great deal without her.

And just because The Walking Dead never skimps on the action, we got Darryl and Michonne slicing and dicing their way through hordes of Walkers after getting intercepted en route to acquire antibiotics. Was that the largest swarm of Walkers we’ve ever seen on the show? It was downright terrifying, which made Tyrese’s escape a tad too unbelievable (although he was swinging that hammer like a madman).

Zombie Bites

– I absolutely loved Rick fighting back and beating the crap out of Tyrese in the teaser. So darn satisfying.

– Awesome touch with the poor infected woman trying to tell Carol she has allergies.

– I think I’d pay money to watch a spinoff about Carl and Hershel and their adventures in a post-apocalyptic world.

– So Glenn is sick? That means he’ll definitely get cured, because there’s no way I can see the show killing him off.

– How great has Beth become this season? I loved her giving Maggie the pep-talk and showcasing such strength and resilience.

– The scene between Carol and an infected Lizzy was heart-wrenching. Seriously how could you not love Carol?

– The Walker trapped in the vines – what a sight.

– Hershel’s speech to Rick and Maggie about wanting to help the sick was wonderfully convincing. I think I would have opened the door for him too.

– Badass Carol moment: fixing the water outside the gates by herself as Rick saves her. She got in some cutthroat kills too.

– Loved Darryl’s car getting stuck after driving over a pile of Walkers. The blood spurting out was an especially gruesome sight.

– Doesn’t Michonne look so elegant as she slices heads off with that delightful Katana of hers? I can never get enough.

– I must reiterate that the final moment was impeccably executed. Carol’s response to Rick’s allegation was so cold and casual. Brilliantly performed.

A powerful and absorbing hour of The Walking Dead that’s bookended by a killer twist.

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