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American Horror Story 3×04 – Fearful Pranks Ensue

"Who's the baddest witch in town?"


Another week, another outstanding episode of American Horror Story. Will this show ever disappoint?

This is a captivating hour where Fiona and Spalding are concerned. It amazes me how much emotion Denis O’Hare can convey without uttering so much as a single word. The depth to his relationship with Fiona is utterly fascinating. While we were misdirected into believing that Spalding’s tongue was cut out by Fiona so a young Mertyl couldn’t make him talk, the reveal that he actually cut it out himself out of pure devotion to our Supreme was spectacular. This development was beautifully contrasted with the present-day investigation into Fiona’s “murders”, carried out by none other than the bizarrely engrossing council-head Myrtle Snow. Frances Conroy is yet another talent whom I’ve always adored on the show, so I’m absolutely ecstatic that they’ve brought her back. Here’s hoping she sticks around for a while.

It would have gotten tedious if Delia and Fiona kept on bickering all season long, so I was most delighted when the former stepped up and defended her mother. Naturally things couldn’t stay quiet for long, and after an engaging little bar conversation (where Fiona tried to uncover the identity of the next supreme) Delia was attacked by a mysterious hooded figure who splashed her face with acid. I have absolutely no idea who the assailant could be (I doubt it’s one of Marie’s people), so we’ve got an awesome little mystery to ponder in the weeks to come.

I’m less intrigued by the reveal of Delia’s husband being a psychopathic prostitute killer (it just feels like something we’ve already covered in season one). Nevertheless, Alexandra Breckenridge’s guest-starring turn made me smile (she was a highlight in the show’s debut season). Plus, there’s the inherent excitement of us impatiently waiting for our favorite witches to discover Hank’s misdeeds and punish him accordingly.

I’m still astounded by Angela Basset’s magnificent portrayal of Marie Laveau. The woman just oozes menace, yet I can’t help but root for her – particularly after that teaser where she unleashed hell on earth on the pack of racists hillbillies who lynched her friend’s son. The spell was brilliantly brought back in the episode’s closing moments as retribution after Marie’s Minotaur boyfriend was slaughtered.

Admittedly, this episode was more set-up than payoff – particularly with that epic ending with zombies surrounding the school. Nevertheless, it was executed with such impeccable finesse, that it didn’t feel like the writers were merely arranging the chess pieces for an all-out war. I’m in awe of this show.

Frightful Bits

– The teaser’s cinematography set in the 60’s is so vintage and retro. I’m most impressed.

– How cool was it that we saw Madison’s murder again but from Spalding’s perspective as he had his little tea-party? And the creepiest thing of all: he never buried Madison (his newest invitee to the party).

– Awesome moment: Fiona breathing life back into Queenie. Woah.

– Another reason to love Marie: she doesn’t accept to take money from Cora (the woman from the teaser who’s now significantly aged). In fact, she offers her customer some cash to help her out.

– I really really wanted to see Fiona slice the Minotaur’s head off. And was anyone else excepting that monster to the one of the season’s recurring baddies? Way to go show for blowing up my expectations.

– What’s cooler than Marie signing the peace treaty with the previous supreme? Her afro hair!

– I love how Delphine now owes her life to Queenie. This is gonna get good.

– Fiona’s dynamic with each of the council members killed me. My God Jessica Lange can create chemistry with a piece of toast.

– I was practically jumping with joy when Spalding wrote Myrtle Snow’s name down instead of Fiona’s.

– Since Zoe has a heart murmur, who is the next supreme? Is Zoe too obvious a choice? Could it be Naan?

– Delphine calling the trick or treaters “little beggar children all dressed up” made me smile.

– A particularly chilling touch: Delphine recognizing the zombies at her door as her three dead daughters. Damn that Marie doesn’t play fair.

Spooky Slurs

Fiona: Oh Spalding, I must confess… I’ve always enjoyed our little talks together, particularly since you lost your tongue. Makes you seem wiser somehow… more thoughtful.

Fiona: Christ. Your girls couldn’t pull a rabbit out of a hat.

Marie: Their blood – I used it to paint my day room brick red.

Fiona: So you old hens. What have you come to cluck about?

Queenie: Madison Montgomery is a stone-cold bitch who loves hard drinking, big dicks and trouble. If she’s dead, it’s probably because she got wasted and offered the Grim Reaper a handjob or something.

Myrtle: The Council reminds you, no witch has been tried, convicted and burned at the stake since 1926. I would also like to tell you, Fiona, that I have a book of matches in my pocket and I’m just dying to light this fire.

A wonderfully riveting hour from one heck of an impressive season.

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