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Once Upon A Time 3×05 – Good Form

“You’re nothing but a pirate.”


Review by Panda
Hook has always been a largely interesting character since he first set foot onto Once Upon a Time. His motives are never 100% clear, he’s wickedly snarky, and his chemistry with the cast was incredible from the get-go. ‘Good Form’ was our long awaited look-see into his past and what shaped him into the pirate that helped Cora wreak havoc in Storybrooke, a flashback that’s been long overdue, and it was definitely the first completely necessary one this season.

Hook’s past was slightly watered down and simplistic, with his turn to tyranny coming as less of a progressive act and more of a brash and angry finger to the indirect part the king played in Liam’s death. In present day Neverland, things were a bit more complicated given that his actions are being dictated by his fascination and lust for Emma. I’ve always liked the idea of the two of them happening at some point, but not just for it to be used as a blackmail device for Pan.

There were a few glimpses into what kind of power Pan actually has this week, and the lengths he will go to in order to get his way, but it still feels like he’s only a little brat who’s been given too much power, not a cunning mastermind. I think focusing such a huge part of the season on such a weak antagonist will cause more problems down the line if he doesn’t get booted or undermined soon.

David’s dreamshade infection was cured this week, but even though that outcome was never in question, there’s still a lot of deception and lies on his part. It makes him a bit hypocritical seeing as how he spends two thirds of an episode talking Hook down for hiding his secrets. I can imagine the effect this trip will have on the group when they go back will last long after the ship ride home, especially if Emma’s desperation forces her to use Regina even more.


What’s Hook going to do now that Neal is back on the radar?

Who’s in the other cage?

No Rumple this week : (

Did anyone else LOL at Mary Margaret desperately shoving herself into the frame during the mirror convo with Henry?

He Said, She Said

Emma: “Henry I promise you this is real. Kid, its operation cobra rescue, it’s us.”

Hook: “I think it means she’s finally starting to see me for the man I am.”
Pan: “What, a one-handed pirate with a drinking problem?!”


There was a marked improvement this week, both in terms of quality storytelling and the general pace of this season so far, but I’m really sick of seeing these guys run around a jungle after a pack of kids. It’s time to finish this up quick.

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