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Nad’s News – Issue #7


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A Scandalous Pregnancy
Kerry Washington, star of ABC’s breakout hit Scandal, is pregnant. Honestly I’m a bit worried that the show will jump the shark when it inevitably embraces this development. Nevertheless, I’ll reserve judgement until I see what Shonda has planned for this monumental turn of events. In the meantime, people are already speculating.

How I Met Your Father?
Well you can’t blame CBS for trying. It can’t be easy having a pop-culture behemoth like How I Met Your Mother come to an end after nine seasons. Of course I’ll give this spinoff a try if it gets made, but I do hope it’s not a total flop. Perhaps instead of starting over with a whole new mother, we can shift the focus to Ted’s wife and witness her journey to meeting him? Just a thought…

The Client List Cancelled
I gave up on The Client List after its first season. I do love Jennifer Love Hewitt (she’s so ridiculously charming) but I couldn’t handle this lame-brained show any longer. Apparently Hewitt hooked up with one of her co-stars, and tried to force the network into making him her character’s baby-daddy on the show (the actress is pregnant in real life). It’s pretty crazy stuff, and thus Lifetime has decided to pull the plug on the show second’s season (which ended on a huge cliffhanger). Thank God I wasn’t still watching or I would have been super pissed. When will networks learn to respect their viewers?

Crisis Lives Up to its Name
Production on Crisis, NBC’s high-concept midseason drama, has been halted due to some creative course-correction. That’s pretty unsettling news, but it didn’t look like the show was going to be any good anyway so they might as well tinker with it till it implodes. Oh Hollywood…

This Week In Ratings
Revenge is finally up after a long, long time. The Walking Dead continues to soar. And it doesn’t look like The Mindy Project will survive the season. That really breaks my heart.

Weekly Picks

Quote of the Week
“Madison Montgomery is a stone-cold bitch who loves hard drinking, big dicks and trouble. If she’s dead, it’s probably because she got wasted and offered the Grim Reaper a handjob or something.”
Queenie, American Horror Story.

Episode of the Week

Arrow 2×04 – Crucible
With The Black Canary at its forefront, this show just keeps getting better and better. Brilliant.

Promo of the Week
She’s back and I can’t wait! Here’s hoping the show’s final six episodes are positively mindblowing.

Must-Download Tune of the Week
Inner Ninja by Classified featuring David Myles
A fantastic, catchy tune from Grey’s Anatomy. A must-listen. I really can’t get enough of this one.

Happy TV Binging!

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