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Once Upon A Time 3×06 – Ariel

"You really know nothing of your mermaid mythology, do you?”


Review by Panda
I really wish this episode had come a lot sooner in the season. After the stand still of the past few weeks, ‘Ariel’ started the first major movement towards the conclusion of the Neverland story, which is something that should have started two or three episodes ago. And though it lacked cohesiveness at first, it was still the strongest episode of the season since the premiere.

That lack of cohesion surrounded the Ariel flashbacks, which at first appeared to be shoehorned into the episode just to get them in somewhere, but bringing Ariel back into the present day served the episode well in the end. And it should be fun to see how Ariel’s story plays out in the modern world.

I think I like her a lot. Not because she’s a fascinating character, but just because Joanna Garcia is so incredibly likable. The story itself was odd, and reminded me a lot of ‘The Price of Gold’ from the first season. Back then I wasn’t sold on the manipulation of such a classic tale, but here I think it worked, or maybe I’m just more open to it now. Obviously we learned nothing new about Snow or Regina’s past together, but tying Ariel into Regina’s story was a fun twist; a twist I’m hoping will bring Ariel back in a more regular capacity.

Elsewhere, the slowest rescue team ever found Neal strangely fast after learning he was still alive. The Echo Caves were the best plot device to actually get this story moving along faster that it has all season. I’m glad all those secrets are out in the open, but the one that stuck with me most was Hook’s. I’m really hoping that the others start to see something more in him, and that admission definitely hints at a less manipulative side of him.


It’s great to see Regina and Rumple working together again.

Why didn’t Ariel just splash around like crazy to get Eric’s attention?

He Said, She Said

Snow: “Remember what I taught you?
Holds up fork
Snow: “What’s this?”
Ariel: “Mini trident.”

Ariel: “You really know nothing of your mermaid mythology, do you?!”
Snow: “Probably about as much as you know about people mythology, I think!”

After five episodes of fumbling around the jungle, this season is starting to really look up. We just need that momentum to survive the next few episodes so we can finally put Neverland behind us.

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