Revenge 3×06 – Dissolution

"I thought I heard the chatter of rats and here you both are."


I hate to say it. I really really do, but I’m bored of Revenge.

I was the show’s biggest supporter in season one. I found the premise fresh, the performances likeable, and the tone unlike anything else on television. Then ABC got greedy and pushed the premise way past its breaking point. Season two was a mess, and while three has had some fantastic moments, I genuinely feel like Revenge should be done with already. Everywhere I look, it feels like the writers are employing stalling tactics and it’s immensely disheartening. And as unrealistic as season one’s premise was, the show never felt like it was taking itself as seriously as it does now. There’s absolutely no humor or self-awareness this year, and that often makes the proceedings quite cringe-worthy.

Criticisms aside, this season is an undeniable improvement over the show’s sophomore year. There’s a welcome focus on Emily’s plot and the people orbiting her, instead of shadowy figures and pointless characters (the boat brothers and Padma from season two immediately spring to mind). However, I’m not entirely fond of how emotional Emily has become this year; I know she can’t always be a robot, but the first two seasons at least managed to straddle a fine line without making her seem like a disoriented little girl. Thankfully, our heroine got one really great moment this week, and that was the episode’s closing moment where she came clean with Nolan and Jack and divulged her plan to frame Victoria for her murder. Very cool.

Speaking of Nolan and Jack, I know it was supposed to be poignant and satisfying to watch them bond over Amanda (and their shared turmoil), but their scenes fell flat to me. Is it their chemistry? The writing? I don’t know, but it didn’t work and I found myself rolling my eyes every time the two appeared on screen together. I don’t think that’s what the writers were going for after three seasons of “character development”.

One of the season’s strongest suits has been Victoria and Patrick’s relationship. It’s heartwarming to see Vicki so at ease with somebody, so it really broke my heart to watch her bid him goodbye (Stowe’s delivery of “Obey your mother” was spot-on). I’m still intrigued to know if Patrick has a hidden agenda where Victoria and Nolan are concerned, or if he’s a genuinely good guy. Let’s hope he returns soon because he’s been a highlight this year.

Quite surprisingly, Dissolution saw the introduction of Sarah, the girl Daniel gravely injured in his drunken crash years back. I was quite surprised by this turn of events, but I now realize that she’s obviously being groomed as Daniel’s love interest. While that’s a creepy notion after everything he put her through, it also makes sense in an admittedly unsettling way. Could she be a huge kink in Emily’s plot? This is gonna get good.

Vengeful Bits

– Thankfully, baby Carl has been written out of the show for now (he’s supposedly been sent to stay with Jack’s grandmother).

– Does no one else find it utterly hilarious that Emily’s takedown target this week is a freakin’ HOUSE. The plan was pretty unbelievable though; I find it hard to believe that the realtor didn’t find Emily’s fake coastal report suspicious.

– How twisted was Vicki with her genuine appreciation of Patrick for trying to kill Conrad? Such a healthy relationship.

– Sarah’s outburst at Daniel in the bakery was quite effective. I love that there was actually continuity with Emily’s comment in the magazine a few weeks back biting him in the ass.

– Favorite moment: Emily telling Aiden she always thought she would do her mission alone. And then queue naughty sex.

– Is it wrong that I don’t see anything different in the Stowaway?

– I kind of wish Victoria left Conrad for good before our revengers gave the Graysons their fortunes back. Still, Victoria’s smile when she stumbled onto the fortune was pretty divine.

Devious Delights

Daniel: You better watch out for sharks.
Emily: Always.

Victoria: Won’t your mistress be joining us Conrad? I’m sure we could rustle up a pop-tart.

Conrad: That was a real-estate agent.
Victoria: What are you purchasing? A place in hell?

Jack: Why do we do it?
Nolan: Because we see the broken, betrayed little girl inside.

Victoria: (to Conrad) Stop gloating you spiteful beast. You know this home is my haven.

Patrick: (to Nolan) I wanna be with you. I don’t know why they get a vote.

Emily: (toasting Champagne with Aiden) To my ultimate revenge.

Victoria: (to Conrad) You’ll have to pour another one for your property prostitute.

Conrad: (to Jack) You know if we can’t sell this place, perhaps we’ll just turn into a home for wayward boys. I mean there’s Victoria’s bastard, her Brit, you.

While Dissolution had its promising moments, I’m sadly beginning to lose my patience with Revenge.

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  1. I agree I think this show would've been better off if it was a 13 episode season and sadly I'm getting bored with it too and pretty much I just watch out of curiosity to see how it's going to end

  2. Ur not the only one a lot comments I read forums r basically saying the same thing. But I guess I will just hang in there to see how the upcoming episodes will play out

  3. This season is much better than the previous one. No more stupid side plots and shadowy characters as you have mentioned. Emily is now focused more than ever and it is gratifying to see how she makes sure that her plan falls into place. Nice to see how Nolan is no longer bullied by Emily into doing whatever she wants. Jack is absolutely useless and I agree that there is no chemistry between the two. One major downfall of this show is that the scripts (except for Victoria's) are pretty much lame.
    I feel as though Emily is finally going to take her revenge; taking Victoria down for murdering her!
    Having said that, if this is not the final season of the show I wont be watching the next one. There is only so much you can do with a girl seeking revenge.

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