The Good Wife 5×06 – The Next Day


Oh my lord, I can’t possibly love this show any more.

After last week’s gut-wrenchingly beautiful masterpiece, I wondered if The Good Wife could sustain its momentum. Lo and behold, this was an absolute stunner.

The thing that I just can’t get over, is how much The Good Wife now feels like an entirely different show. The writers took a real risk upending the status quo on its head and it’s paying off marvelously. Each and every dynamic on the show has assumed a whole new layer, and it’s downright captivating to watch. I really do love this drama more than I ever have in five seasons, and that’s a magnificent accomplishment for a show this late in its run.

Pitting Alicia and Carey against Will and Diane has definitely lived up to everything I ever could have imagined. It was positively thrilling to watch the two teams face off with one another and land multiple blows of varying success. Whether it’s Alicia and Carey blindsiding Diane at court and taking her client, maneuvering around redacted files, using Kalinda, Robin and even McVeigh as weapons, or leveling Will with a low blow by bringing on the disciplinary council – every one of the teams’ machinations this week proved to be thoroughly engaging.

After needlessly flailing around for a while, Melissa George’s Marilyn got quite a bit of screen-time this week as she snooped around Alicia’s home (with pregnancy-induced morning sickness no less) in her bid to ensure Peter’s ethical dilemmas remain in check. The subplot culminated in a fantastic little showdown in Alicia’s bathroom (which might I add was beautifully staged/framed using mirrors) as our heroine came to realize she just might have her hands full with this new complication. Nevertheless, the show still tackled the subplot with subtlety, and introduced a somewhat friendly camaraderie between the two women which is a welcome deviation from the straight-up antagonistic route I was expecting them to take.

So let’s just come out and say it: what the hell is going on with Will? Obviously it can’t be easy being rejected personally AND professionally by the love of his life, but the tattooed yoga chika? I’ve read some theories online that she could potentially be a manifestation of Will’s mind (and that Mr. Gardner is en route to a nervous breakdown). I gotta say, I absolutely love that idea, as I don’t want to believe that Will has such painfully low standards. But if she is real, why does she want Will’s baby? God help us.

Christine Baranski continued to deliver impeccable work this week as Diane’s world tumbled down around her. It’s funny but I was completely loathing Diane and her treatment of Alicia until that utterly heartbreaking breakdown in the bathroom (after she learned of her nomination being taken away). The dimensions on The Good Wife are astounding, and it’s incredible how often I find myself switching sides. And although I’m mostly still on Team Alicia, I will admit that the episode’s closing moments with Will taking back Diane as they vowed to stop being “polite” was an ominous and riveting note to bookend the hour.

Bits & Cases

– Brilliant teaser with the “the next day” caption as our various characters woke up: Diane was nervous, Will had his booty call, and Alicia was suddenly nudged up by Grace.

– Mamie Gummer returned as the ever-annoying Nancy Crozier. She didn’t get too much to do this week, but it’s always great when the show keep its world alive by bringing back its guest-stars.

– Diane storming out from the judge’s chambers was unprofessional yet so very awesome.

– How badass was Alicia fighting off Will, Diane AND David Lee in one fell swoop? She’s so ruthless and confident this year, all while practically running a law firm out of her apartment.

– Loved Alicia bluntly telling Marlyn that she and Peter were having sex. Damn.

– Diane’s devious “have a nice day” to Alicia was flawlessly delivered.

– Oh Grace. Why are you so annoying? The less said about your useless subplot, the better.

– Just as I was wondering if Florrick/Agos would agree to share offices with the tax firm, Will went on ahead and bought them. Evil!

Good Lines

Grace:(to Alicia) Brush your teeth and do not lose any more clients.

Diane: Don’t let her get into your head.
Will: No. that’s where I want her.

Will: It’s an odd psychology huh? He can hurt his wife all he wants but anyone else try anything and he goes absolutely tribal.
Diane: Bill and Hillary on steroids.

Expertly-plotted, The Next Day is a phenomenal follow-up to last week’s achievement.

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  1. “The writers took a real risk upending the status quo on its head and it's paying off marvelously. Each and every dynamic on the show has assumed a whole new layer, and it's downright captivating to watch.”

    WORD. I love how different the show is now! I just wish Alicia wins more in the future 😀

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