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The Walking Dead 4×04 – Indifference

"Anger makes you stupid. Stupid gets you killed."


Well that was painfully boring.

After last week’s mother of a twist, I was positive this week’s outing of The Walking Dead would be a stunner. Instead, we got a slow, dreary hour that was anything but exciting.

I do hope that wasn’t the last we saw of Carol. As I said before, she’s definitely the show’s strongest player at the moment, and it would be an enormous loss to continue the season without her. From a plot perspective, I get that her departure makes sense as part of Rick’s decision. But I wish the writers could have come up with a resolution that would have kept Carol with the rest of the gang. While they could still salvage this storyline, I simply can not hide my disappointment concerning this development. It feels like a missed opportunity.

Darryl and Michonne’s trek with Tyson and the alcoholic (he’s that forgettable) was extremely tedious to watch. The show desperately needs an antagonist (besides the flu) and fast. The Governer imbued the show with a real sense of dread and excitement last season, yet this year feels devoid of that unwavering tension and foreboding.

Zombie Bites

– Awesome flashback to Carol carrying out the murders intercut with her speech to Lizzy as Rick packed the car.

– Thank God the hippie couple didn’t survive. They seemed really annoying.

– Intriguing touch: Carol’s abusive past resurfacing as we discover she knows how to fix a dislocated shoulder.

– Further proof that this was not was not a successful hour: this review is the shortest I’ve ever written. I genuinely don’t have anything more to say.

Must-Download Tune
Serpents by Sharon Van Etten

A disappointing and extremely monotonous episode of The Walking Dead.

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