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Grey’s Anatomy 10×08 – Two Against One

"It's life-altering technology Shane. If you want it faster, page God."


Review by Tagouga
Too many storylines are starting to form on this season of Grey’s Anatomy, and unfortunately, some of them just feel useless and forced. However, after all this time, I can’t help but tune in to see where everything is going, keeping in mind that Cristina is making her big exit this season. Let’s dig into some details.

Meredith’s research seems to be going on track as she welcomes everyone to the world of personalized medicine by printing… a fork?! So much for blowing people’s minds. Needless to say she only got her supportive husband to applaud her, and I am pretty sure that Derek was more thrilled when he noticed the printer guy’s eye twitch (which he later fixed) than whatever his wife was printing.

In a sudden turn of events, April and Matthew finally decide to have sex! At this point I was thrilled (just get it over with already). However, this decision didn’t last long after Webber delivered his speech over losing himself for a while. And just like that we were back to no sex before marriage with April being her usual annoying self (this is getting really boring).

After being one of the most interesting couples to watch, it seems that Arizona and Callie are a long way from getting back to each other. Honestly, I don’t see any continuity in the development of Arizona’s character; she’s been all over over the place but I guess now she’s finally moving on (as evidenced by her removing the ring).

The tension between Cristina and Meredith is on the rise. When Cristina (rightfully) asks Meredith if she can use the printer to save a patient’s life, the latter snaps back at her. This lead to an excellent scene where Alex put Meredith in her place by calling her a “lousy doctor” – in reference to her bad judgment in the OR room where her challenged her using Webber’s two-challenge rule (and thus took a better and safer approach with his patient). Alex was really spot-on this week (especially that there were no references to the father storyline).

Finally, we get to what proved to be the most intriguing and confusing storyline: Bailey! What exactly is going on with her? First she was totally disappointed with her husband quitting school to be close to her (Seriously?) and now we’re witnessing the beginning signs of OCD? The bubble incident, the blurred vision, the fingers… I guess we will have to wait and see about this one.

Bits & Scalpels

– Lainie Kazan from my Big Fat Greek Wedding was hilarious as Webber’s fellow patient. Her ordeal finally pushed Webber to stop telling stories and get back in the game.

– Torres and Emma’s interview was pretty fun (not if you are the person being interviewed) especially with Callie digging up as much personal information as possible for Owen’s sake.

– Marguerite Moreau is one the most likeable people on this show. Her decision not to work at the hospital to avoid any issues if she and Owen were ever to break up was definitely the right way to go. Seattle Grace does not need any more relationship-related drama.

– Anyone else found it really weird when Cristina gave Shane a coffee? When did she become this “good” person?

– I know that this show is all about the DRAMA but can Cristina at least leave without the fallout between her and Grey? I definitely liked it better when these two were each other’s “person”.

– Derek using Mark Sloan’s style to convince Avery to start teaching the residents was really cute.

– Despite being unconvinced with what she was saying, Ben was very sweet and supportive backing up Bailey’s in the OR room.

– Pretty ironic how Matthew and April seemed to score highly on the compatibility test, however when Ben confessed his worry about them being unequal, it turned out that they were on a whole different level with regards to what the term means.

– Meredith walking in on Shane and Cristina using “her” printer, although expected, is bound to lead to a big explosion.

Grey Banter

Meredith: We will eat all those dots and kill all those ghosts.
Alex: She doesn’t really play video games.

Stephanie: It’s life-altering technology Shane. If you want it faster, page God.

Emma: I just got out of a job interview that was more intimate than most rectal exams.

Alex: Did you hear Mer just revolutionized the world of cutlery?

Must-Download Tunes
Bravado by Lorde
Right Here by Rudimental featuring Foxes

A fairly entertaining hour with a few strong scenes and Grey‘s usual dose of humor.

Tagouga Rating


  1. So nice to have you on board Tagouga. Great review. Truly I”m only interested in Bailey. The rest are boring me to tears (although I am intrigued by Christina and Meredith).
    P.S. Those two songs are SPECTACULAR!

  2. Thanks Nadim, it feels good to be part of the guest-bloggers.

    I definitely agree with Bailey being the most interesting part of it all. And those songs are truly amazing, again kudos for the people behind the soundtrack of this show.

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