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The Good Wife 5×07 – The Next Week

"It was easier to start hating you than own the feeling she had towards you."


Will this season of The Good Wife end up being one of the strongest seasons of television ever produced? Judging by what we’ve seen so far, that’s a very likely possibility.

It’s fascinating how much season five of The Good Wife reminds me of Scandal‘s second season. Both years are the perfect embodiment of a show firing on all cylinders: terrific writing, impeccable direction, and first-rate performances. It’s even more impressive where The Good Wife is concerned since the show is in its fifth year, and its premise is nowhere near as whacky and shock-worthy as Scandal‘s.

The machinations between Florrick/Agos and Lockhart/Gardner were especially engrossing this week as Alicia was subpoenaed to testify in a deposition. As has been the case the last several weeks, every blow between the two parties was a joy to watch – I particularly loved the $6 million personal liability shifting from Alicia to David, and then back to Alicia. However, the highlight for me was the mesmerizing sequence in which Alicia strutted back into Lockhart/Gardner with the most sinister and confident smirk of all time (as her ex-coworkers towered away). It was a crowning achievement for the character, and further proof of just how far she’s come over the course of the show’s run.

Interestingly enough, Florrick/Agos lost a big one this week as irritating Anthony falsely accused Alicia of being liable, and jumped ship into a partner position at Gardner. It was a suitably slimy move that got me thinking: why is Alicia any different? Didn’t she pretty much bribe Diane in exchange for her testimony? I guess you do root for your protagonist no matter what dastardly deeds they concoct. And hey, I’ll root for Alicia until the end of time.

Alicia’s brother Owen made an amusing return this week and predictably stuck his nose where it didn’t belong. I didn’t buy his theory that Alicia started her own law firm purely because of Will; sure their bizarre relationship didn’t help, but Alicia had grown into a confident litigator in her own right, and I like to think that it was time for her to strike out on her own. Still, it was undoubtedly intriguing to see Owen flat out tell Will that Alicia left because of him. I can’t wait to see how these two ultimately reunite (and I have a feeling it won’t happen before the season finale which is fine by me. We have to earn it).

One return I didn’t expect in The Next Week was Nathan Lane’s return as Clarke Hayden. I often detested the man last year, but he was brilliant this week. His outright genuine gesture at the end as he offered his free services to Alicia and company was a heartwarming moment, and I can’t wait to watch him kick ass with the rest of our team. I have a feeling Lane could slowly turn into this season’s MVP.

Could it be? Did I actually enjoy a subplot revolving around Grace and Zack? The Florrick kids have always been the show’s weakest link, but I found myself majorly intrigued by the webcam mystery (although it made my skin crawl). The reveal that that culprit was just a random kid at Grace’s school might not have been as scandalous as I would have hoped, but it was quite satisfying to watch Zack punch the lights out of the pervert. And that final moment with Grace thanking her big brother through the door for standing up to her? Let’s just say that the Florrick kids earned their screen time for once.

Bits & Cases

– Love how snipy Alicia is with David, particularly when she proclaims she “hurt” him. His revenge? He doesn’t even bring her a bottle of water during the deposition. Oh David..

– Epic transition to the credits with Diane exclaiming “She has us”. Badass. Alicia definitely ain’t no good wife ladies and gents.

– I was surprised to see Hunter Parrish (of Weeds fame), but he did a serviceable enough job as a kid way over his head. Now that Will’s taken on the murder plot, I do hope it becomes twistier. However, I can do without ASA Geneva Locke. The woman just irritates me.

– Kalinda’s only standout moment of the week: picking up the gum after getting shoved.

– So much tension with Will staring at Alicia and walking past her. I did laugh when she kept trying to listen in on David’s conversation through the open door.

– Awesome moment: Diane and Will’s high five.

– Oh Alicia, how could you be totally oblivious to Zack’s black eye?

Good Lines

Alicia: You moved into my office pretty quick.
David: Yes after I cleaned the carpets of brimstone.
Alicia: I’ve hurt you haven’t I?

Diane: You know sometimes I look at you, and I wonder if you’ve changed or if you’ve always been this way.
Alicia: I’ve had some of the best teachers in the world; I couldn’t help but change.

Diane: My apologies. I had a real case to deal with.

Owen: I’m reading your body language and you’re like in Warrior Princess mode.
Alicia: Well I’m kicking butt.

Owen: (to Will) It was easier to start hating you than own the feeling she had towards you. That’s why you two are in this ridiculous war. She and Peter are not set in stone.

Another week, another stunning hour of The Good Wife. This season can not get any better.

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