Arrow 2×06 – Keep Your Enemies Closer

"What happens in Russia stays in Russia... even when it makes no sense whatsoever."


Say hello to the first misstep of the season.

That’s not to say this episode was a total flop. On the contrary, I was definitely entertained. It was just far from the brilliance we’ve been accustomed to this season.

Deadshot didn’t prove to be much of a memorable villain last season, so I didn’t find myself particularly invested in Diggle’s plight this week. Thankfully, the writers recognized Deadshot’s far-from-remarkable persona, and introduced two new elements to the proceedings. First we got the introduction of iconic DC character Amanda Waller of ARGUS (Advanced Research Group Uniting Super-Humans), followed by the bombshell that H.I.V.E ( Hierarchy of International Vengeance and Extermination) is the ordered the hit on Diggle’s brother. While I’m kind of worried that the season might be biting off more than it can chew with so many characters and groups being introduced, I also have a feeling that everything is going to come together quite effectively by the end of the year. It helps that after some reading, I discovered that Thalia Al Ghul is a member of H.I.V.E, and after last week’s mention, all signs point to Diggle and Oliver’s storyline intersecting thanks to this organization. For the moment, lets stay optimistic.

Thankfully, Summer Glau finally got something to do this week as Isabel Rochev. Instead of nagging about Oliver’s punctuality, Miss Rochev tapped into her fun side with vodka shots before engaging in a quickie with Oliver. This was a welcome turn in the duo’s dynamic and I’m excited to see how it develops (or if the two will just shrug it under the rug forever). However, I’m not sure what to make of Felicity being so outright jealous of this hook-up. We’ve seen glimmers of her potentially having a crush on Mr. Queen, but it was never as obvious. And it sure seemed like Ollie wanted to reciprocate those feelings when he divulged that he had to be with someone he didn’t care about. Where does Laurel fit in with regards to his feelings? This is getting messy people.

Back on the Amazo, Professor Ivo finally began morphing into a fascinating villain in his own right. After some much needed exposition, we discovered that the good doctor is apparently after a Japanese super soldier serum that’s located in the grave-site Ollie and company stumbled onto not long ago. While I want to see more of what he did to Sarah (I still have too many questions), Dylan Neal is suitably sleazy and unsettling in the role. Could this serum be related to the one Brother Blood recently used on The Mayor? Hmm…

Interestingly enough, we still don’t know the full story where Ollie and his Russian mafia ties are concerned. I think the writers enjoy giving us crumbs every once in a while, although whatever Ollie said sure struck fear into the hearts of that gang pretty quickly. We also got glimpses of Anatoli on the boat with Oliver, although we’ve yet to see how exactly our favorite playboy saved his life. So much to explore, so little time.

Bits & Arrows

– So does Amanda Waller know that Oliver is Arrow? It sure seemed like she did. Uh oh.

– Roy didn’t get much to do besides get captured by Lance before being released thanks to his connection to Arrow.

– No Laurel this week. I hope she didn’t overdose.

– Is Isabel secretly Thalia Al Ghul? Because that would be mind-blowingly awesome.

– Cool touch: Ollie telling Ivo his name is Tommy.

– Isabel accused Ollie of promoting Felicity because of sex. I think I’m gonna have fun with the animosity between these two ladies, especially with Rochev practically flaunting the fact that she slept with Ollie at the end.

– I admittedly did not expect Lilah to be Diggle’s wife.

– Heartwarming moment: Felicity bidding Diggle goodbye with a kiss. Can these two become a couple one day? I think I’d love them together.

– This was our first glimpse of Slade’s burnt face. And Shado was pretty touchy huh? I guess this love triangle is going to start heating up as well.

– Somehow, I didn’t expect Sarah to betray Ollie on the boat. Now Dr. Ivo knows about Shado, Slade, as well as Ollie’s real identity.

– The whole prison escape was totally disposable and unexciting.

– I’m glad Thea and Roy’s breakup wasn’t needlessly dragged out. Moira simply forced them to stay together.

– Laugh-out-loud moment of the century: Diggle typing H.I.V.E into BING! Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

Starling Quips

Anatoli: It’s full of violent psychopaths and killers. And that’s just the guards.

Lance: (to Roy) It’s been a while since I arrested you. I had forgotten how good it feels.

Felicity: (to Oliver) Why her? I mean besides the obvious leggy-model reason.

Must-Download Tune
The National – Hard To Find

While it isn’t a total loss, Keep Your Enemies Closer is the weakest episode of the season thus far.

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