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Marvel + Netflix = Endless Possibilities
I think we can safely conclude that Marvel is on fire. As if the influx of blockbusters and their recent foray into television wasn’t enough, the gargantuan enterprise has struck a deal with Netflix to produce four different shows starring multitude of lesser-known superheroes (starting with Daredevil). Yep, get excited – because this is going to be epic people.

A Friends Reunion
Both Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow have dropped by Cougar Town (the best comedy on television), so it was only natural that Courtney Cox would invite her on-screen love of ten years, Matthew Perry, to join the party. The two were reunited on the unjustly cancelled Go On last year, so this is bound to be as hilarious.

Tunes, Gore and Sex
Although I loathe Glee, I downright adore American Horror Story. So I’m immensely excited for Ryan Murphy’s next TV project, Open, which promises to tackle human sexuality in some utterly controversial ways. Speaking of Story, Ryan Murphy has wisely recruited the ridiculously talented Angela Bassett and Kathy Bates for the show’s fourth season (which will also be Jessica Lange’s last). Season three ain’t even done yet, and I’m already pumped.

Rasputin Casts a Spell on FX
As a child, I was traumatized by Rasputin, the terrifying Russian mystic who brought down the Romanovs (and yes, that was mostly due to his appearance in the 1997 animated cartoon). Nevertheless, I am utterly fascinated by the thought of watching a series based on the character (thank you FX). Yes it will be a definite source of nightmares, but it’ll surely be compelling to review.

This Week In Ratings

A must-read article about the phenomenon that is The Walking Dead. Seriously, even if you don’t watch the show, this is pretty cool.

Weekly Picks

Quote of the Week
“I did everything but roll your whore up in a rug and unfurl her at your feet.”
Mellie, Scandal.

Episode of the Week
The Good Wife 5×06 – The Next Day
There are no words. The Good Wife has morphed into astounding television this season. Wow.

Promo of the Week
The Walking Dead
Someone’s back, and as this promo suggests… it’s going to be insane.

Must-Download Tune of the Week
Bravado by Lorde
A spectacular, gorgeous song from Grey’s Anatomy. Seriously, this song was better than the episode itself.

Happy TV Binging!

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