Revenge 3×07 – Resurgence

"I guess my takedowns have a silver lining huh?"


Will Revenge ever reclaim the peaks of its debut season? Because this was a painful momentum killer.

While I’m not Ana Ortiz’s biggest fan (she wasn’t particularly great on Ugly Betty or Devious Maids), she did a serviceable enough job as PR specialist Bizzy Preston (is that not the weirdest name of all time for a TV character?). It was smart of the writers to personally tie her to Nolan, as it was revealed that she was the one who outed him years back and severed his relationship with his father. This made his takedown of her undeniably satisfying (albeit far from climactic). Also, what was the point of having Emily plant the whole previous-marriage shtick? It didn’t really add to the plan, and it’s doubtful Victoria will forget that little detail going forward.

As for Nolan, I much preferred the subdued approach to his dynamic with Emily this week (as opposed to last week’s awkward moments). It was genuinely heartwarming to watch them both admit to each other how much they’d learned and grown through their bond. Nolan now stands up for himself thanks to his sensei, and Emily’s discovered she has a heart underneath that vengeful facade. The poignant scenes between these two most certainly saved the episode from being a total flop.

Jack continues to bore with his Margaux trials (I can’t even muster up excitement for their lifeless sex scene), while Conrad will apparently be featured in an article in the latter’s magazine. This better prove fruitful because so far I have absolutely zero interest in either storyline. I guess Revenge will never truly be devoid of superfluous subplots.

I know not many people are fond of Sarah’s inclusion in the proceedings, but I actually don’t mind her hitting it off with Daniel. It gives Emily an added complication to deal with, and it lets Daniel do something besides pout at his fiance. Less intriguing are Charlotte and Victoria’s attempts to get these two together; I want Victoria to get a truly gripping subplot. It feels like all she’s been doing this year is react to events going on around her instead of taking the initiative (pardon the pun) and hatching her own plots.

Vengeful Bits

– What did Emily and Aiden do on the boat in the teaser? My guess is they planted something that will be paid off when she fulfills the premiere’s flashforward.

– Victoria walking into Aiden’s bathroom as he showered was pretty bold! Anyone else kinda want to see them together?

– Emily calling Nolan grandpa made me smile.

– I absolutely loathed Victoria being rude to Sarah after everything her family had put the poor girl though.

– The scene with Jack visiting Amanda’s grave probably should have been moving, but I never bought their love for each other, so it fell painfully flat.

– Nolan’s Alias-inspired spy-glasses were quite cool, but jarring when compared to the stuff we usually see on the show.

– Victoria has now kicked Aiden out of her home. Can the writers still find something useful for him to do?

– Emily’s targeting Sarah isn’t the most riveting of turns. Aim higher Ems.

Devious Delights

Nolan: I guess my takedowns have a silver lining huh?
Emily: It’s kind of fun being your grasshopper.

Resurgence is a terribly slow-moving hour of Revenge. Step it up show.

Nad Rating


  1. that episode felt like a complete soap only thing I liked about this episode were the Nolan and Emily scenes

  2. Yeah I didn't get the point from the previous marriage thing either, maybe it will have some significance in the next episodes otherwise it was completely pointless.

    Even with the current storylines, I still find Jack boring and Charlotte useless!

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