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Once Upon A Time 3×07 – Dark Hollow

“So, what now? Do we make tea?”


Review by Panda
I am so sick of Peter Pan, but maybe that’s a good thing. Rooting this hard for a villain to bite it is getting me more invested in this story’s outcome. If only we didn’t have to endure Robbie Kay and his eyebrows anymore.

The forward momentum from last week continued here, with Ariel arriving in Storybrooke, and Belle finally returning to the spotlight. I liked that she felt very insecure being the one to look after the town while the big heroes were all offshore, and I liked watching her and Ariel save the day even more.

I’m really glad that Ariel is a part of the show now, too. She’s likable, and the friendship between her and the female characters has a certain amount of sweetness that you don’t see in many other relationships in Once. I don’t know what kind of commitment Joanna Garcia has to the series, but I hope its long term.

Hook has really changed these past few weeks, and even though it could easily fall under artificial, especially given the timing of Neal’s return, I think it’s being sold in the right way. He’s winning Emma over in a way that’s honest, but still very Hook. He’s probably one of the most important characters on the show right now too, since he’s very much connected to Neverland, and all the people living/being held captive there.

The return of the Darlings was an interesting twist, but it just sucks that Henry is the dumbest kid on the planet, falling for that rouse. He’s also the worst spy I’ve ever seen. Don’t quit the day job, kid.


How will Pandora’s box help with the escape from Neverland?

He Said, She Said

Neal: “You came to Neverland on a pirate ship through a portal, but you draw the line at a magic coconut?”

Belle: “Eric is…”
Ariel: “He’s a prince. The kind with legs.”

It seems like we’re building towards something here, but I still want to hit the fast forward button, just to see Pan finally get something wrong.

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