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The Mindy Project 2×08 – You’ve Got Sext

"Feminism nowadays is all about reminding working women that they have to look hot too."


Review by Yara
This will forever be known as the episode Mindy got everything and lost everything while she lounged and read up about Windmills.

This season of The Mindy Project has been amazing so far. How could it not? When a season starts off with both James Franco and Chloë Sevigny and then follows it up with Adam Pally (star of one of my favorite short lived comedies: Happy Endings) as Dr. Peter Prentice, you’re looking at some pretty decent writers, to say the least. And now that we have Glenn Howerton playing a charming attorney from the building, the show has reached new heights. It’s been consistently getting laughs out of me and episode eight was no exception. In fact it exceeded my expectations.

You’ve Got Sext delightfully explores the Mindy/Cliff and Mindy/Danny dynamics in a very rom-comy sort of way (the best kind!). It kicks off with a hilarious elevator scene with Mindy, Morgan, Cliff and Yana, the how you say? Ass model, and everything goes uphill from there. See, Mindy is into Cliff (who wouldn’t be?) so, being the screwed-up cupids that they are, Morgan and Peter get their meddling hands on her cell phone (though not on purpose!) and take it upon themselves to pretend they’re Mindy and, unbeknownst to her, embark on a mission to “seduce” Cliff through flirtatious texts. This was hands down the most entertaining texting exchange I’ve seen on any show in recent years. I especially found it awesome how, for once, they showed us the texting from the guy’s perspective! Cliff’s expressions were priceless and spot on (in a heightened reality sort of way of course). Their plan runs smoothly until Cliff, best described by Peter as “horned up”, decides to head on over to Mindy’s, who was actually spending the night at Danny’s and pretending to be his fiancé to scare away his “crazy” ex. Needless to say, craziness ensues.

What makes the plot even more entertaining is the fact that throughout the episode, Danny thinks Mindy is in love with him (because of a cryptic comment she made which he proceeded to misinterpret) and is trying his best to keep her at arm’s length (which includes covering up his pajama-clad body when she walks into his room). Good thing he comes to his senses by the end of the episode. Keep a look out for the incredibly endearing moment between the two towards the end; you’ll know it when you see it.

This episode was so good that I didn’t even notice the absence of Jeremy, Betsy and Tamra until my second viewing. Miss Kaling and her lovable cast more than made up for it.

Bits From The Clinic

– Morgan telling Yana, the runner up to Miss Universe, that his favorite hobby is also “activities”. Enough said.

– Friday night date night by Taylor Swift. Yep, I’d buy it.

– Cliff’s reaction to Mindy’s winky face.

– Morgan and Peter’s reactions to Cliff’s winky face. I grinned from ear to ear.

– Cliff killed it with the back and forth checking his phone for new messages.

– Danny ranting about Frog documentaries is something I would pay to watch.

– Morgan’s description of what Mindy was wearing was perfection: A tasteful cardigan, corduroy slacks and a breast cancer awareness pin.

– I really like Heather, the more The Office cast members the merrier.

– Speaking of Heather, her voice message to Mindy was downright hilarious. Telling someone they looked great when you didn’t actually see them is something we can all relate to.

Lahiri & Co. Liners

Morgan (on how Mindy handled her encounter with Cliff): What the hell was that you dweeb?
Mindy: I was cool I thought!

Peter: If a girl doesn’t respond to me immediately that means she’s either stuck up, dead or living in an elevator – all three of which are deal breakers.

Danny’s crazy ex: I feel like you’ve been avoiding me. Did you lose your phone? Your computer? Your ability to hear your doorbell?

Danny’s ex: I’m sorry, I never got your name!
Mindy: It’s Chloe. Chloe Silverado.

Cliff: You know what actually I think I’m gonna take off.
Peter: What! No! But! I love you.
Cliff: Hah, no.

Heather: It’s just weird because you’re an attorney, I’m a teeth whitener. We’re both just searching for what’s underneath the film of lies.
Cliff: Why don’t you keep talking and I’ll catch up and we’ll uh, be good.

Peter (to Cliff): If I wanted to kill Mindy I wouldn’t do it myself. Hit man, bro!
Morgan: Yeah, he’d call someone like me and I would do it.
Peter: That’s exactly how I envision it going down.

With enough ‘Awe’s to build a small army, this was easily the best episode of the season in my book.

Yara Rating

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