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The Flash Gets a Pilot
The CW has wisely decided to film a full-fledged pilot for The Flash instead of simply using Arrow‘s 20th episode of the season as a backdoor pilot. The character’s alter-ego Barry Allen will be introduced next week, and I have a feeling the CW has another superhero success story on its hands. (Arrow has certainly morphed into fantastic television).

Addison Montgomery Goes to Court
Although I never watched Private Practice, I always loved Kate Walsh on Grey’s Anatomy. Thus I’m quite thrilled now that the talented actress is getting a brand new show. Titled Bad Judge, the NBC comedy tells the story of a hard-living, sexually unapologetic woman who balances her life on the edge with being a judge in the Criminal Court System. I’d love to see Walsh in a comedy, and the concept definitely has zany potential. Let’s see how this one pans out.

Daniel Grayson Wants Off Revenge
Josh Bowman who plays Daniel on Revenge, has spoken out and proclaimed that he wants his character killed off by the end of the season. Perhaps he’s as frustrated as the rest of us are with this show? I’ve been pretty vocal over the show’s downward spiral ever since it ended its superb debut season. If the show doesn’t end this year, Daniel’s death doesn’t seem like the worst idea. It might just rejuvenate the soapy thriller (or maybe not).

CW Buys Terrorist Drama
A few weeks ago, I mentioned that The CW had ordered a terrorist drama, but this looks like a whole different project… I think. Nevertheless, the premise of a young female undercover agent in a New York university trying to unearth a sleeper cell sounds awesome. Plus, it’s bound to have a ton of pretty people, lots of action, and some awesome tunes to discover. Bring it on.

This Week in Ratings

Almost Human Has Modest Opening
I haven’t caught the pilot of Almost Human quite yet, but apparently the show does have potential beneath its formulaic DNA. The ratings weren’t atrocious, and Fox must be happy to have two successful drama launches this season (as Sleepy Hollow is doing well so far).

Weekly Picks

Quote of the Week
“When I plant a fat-ass cracker bitch, I expect her to stay planted. Not come back up like a damn ragweed!”
Marie Laveau, American Horror Story.

Episode of the Week
Scandal 3×07 – Everything’s Coming Up Mellie
Controversial and so very thought-proving. I just never want to watch this haunting hour of television ever again.

Promo of the Week
Although I’ve pretty much lost all hope for Revenge ever becoming great again, I have to admit that this marvelous promo does a great job of getting me pumped for the next episode (which won’t air before three weeks).

Must-Download Tune of the Week
Oats In The Water by Ben Howard
Beautifully utilized in The Walking Dead. Atmospheric and poignant.

Oh, and Arrow is finally getting a mask.

Happy TV Binging!

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