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Once Upon A Time 3×08 – Think Lovely Thoughts

“Your father will always be your burden.”


Review by Panda
Sometimes I get frustrated when I’m watching a show like Once and things are resolved so easily that it sucks the fun out of everything. But then this whole Neverland thing happened, and I find myself hungry for a quick finish.

There was a nice bit of build up to that final confrontation with Pan, and this big unveiling of Pan’s true identity was a good twist, but I’m so tired of these plastic trees, and the more of the same jungle hiking every week.

Something about this season feels stretched and watered down. If this had been condensed into a nice 4 episode arc, with all the good bits still intact (Ariel, Hook’s new attitude) I would have loved every second of it. Instead I’m pulling my hair out as characters like Henry make the silliest decisions ever, and Robbie Kay chews up the green scenery.

OK, so he’s not as one note anymore, but learning about who he really is doesn’t change a whole lot, does it? It certainly makes more sense of all the Pan and Rumple scenes so far, and the doll suddenly holds a lot more significance. I’m surprised I didn’t see this twist coming, but it’s so bonkers that I guess nobody could have (correct me if I’m wrong!).

The flashbacks to their past as father and son filled in a lot of blanks about Rumple and things like his love for sewing. It definitely hints at family issues running deep into the family line, too. Daddy issues were definitely everywhere this week. It’s great that Rumple is making strides towards bettering his life. His struggle is definitely more obvious than Regina’s, who can’t keep her snark to herself (still love her though).

It’s surprising that Neal, Emma and Regina couldn’t stop Henry from being a moron, but I think I get why he did it. Everywhere he looks there’s heroes saving the day. His mother is a saviour after all, that’s sure to give you an inferiority complex. But isn’t Pan so obviously evil?


I’m glad Rumple called Wendy out on her lies.

How long do we think Rumple will be locked in Pandora’s Box? Not long if he’s got a way to get Charming off the island.

Kid Rumple was infuriatingly annoying.

He Said, She Said

Pan: “Neither one of us was cut out to be a father, my boy.”

Despite the negatives here, I still had some fun this week. We’re definitely getting places with this story, and considering the impending winter hiatus, I’m sure things will reach some form of a conclusion in the next few weeks; and not a moment too soon.

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