Revenge 3×08 – Secrecy

"So, you were schooled in revenge too?"


Revenge is taking a three week break until its next episode. The saddest thing of all? I could care less.

My lack of investment in the show’s third season is particularly troubling, seeing as how Secrecy was bookended by what the writers probably assumed was a fantastic cliffhanger (Lydia’s return). The last we saw of Conrad’s mistress, she was boarding a plane in the season one finale. The plane subsequently blew up and we were left to assume that Lydia got barbecued while Vicky made her escape before take-off. The vixen’s monumental reappearance this week should have been a jawdropper, but it fell flat to me. Looking on the bright side, I guess it could be fun to watch her butt heads (and clash claws) with Victoria again. I just hope the writers have bigger plans in mind.

After finally coming to terms with Daniel’s love for Sarah, Emily brought out the big guns by announcing her supposed pregnancy. Honestly it’s such a soapy twist that I’m surprised the writers didn’t resort to it earlier in the show’s run. I’m actually not looking forward to seeing this development explored any further, which is a further testament to how much this show has fallen. A pity.

In addition, I have a major gripe with Sarah and Daniel’s relationship. It’s too far-fetched to expect us to believe that a girl would fall in love with the man who made her life a living hell thanks to a drunken accident. It’s just remarkably forced and contrived. As an audience, we need to see what made their love so special in the past, and a three-second flashback to them making out on the beach in 2010 just doesn’t cut it.

I’ve always been a fan of the writers’ rare efforts to focus on Emily’s circle of revengers. We haven’t met nearly enough of Takeda’s students, so it was a real treat to see Emily’s ex-husband Rohan. However, his limited screen-time proved to be extremely anticlimactic. It’s unfortunate the show never really spent much time in Revenge-school, choosing instead to focus on the Hamptons’ tedious relationship dramas and Stowaway subplots. I’m positive that would have taken Revenge to whole other level of storytelling.

Vengeful Bits

– Well, at least Jack’s not angry at Emily anymore. Now he’s just hurt that she plans on leaving with Aiden when all is said and done.

– Emily horror-movie esque “Hello Sarah” reveal made me laugh. I’m sure the writers weren’t aiming for that reaction.

– Aiden and Nolan as roommates sounds like the funniest sitcom ever.

– I admittedly enjoyed Conrad taking Daniel to the secret Gentleman’s club followed by Victoria revealing to Emily that the Grayson women have always known about that bachelor bad.

– Cool tidbit: Rohan supplied Emily with a homing beacon watch. This will undoubtedly come into play when the flashforward comes to pass.

– Conrad’s book is called The Choices We Make. Ha!

– Aiden helping out Charlotte with the blackmail photos was tedious to watch.

Devious Delights

Nolan: (to Emily) So twisted isn’t it? Planning a wedding with one guy and a honeymoon with another?

Nolan: (to Aiden) Rule number 17, no fish for breakfast. Rule number 18, no killing on the premises. Rule to be disregarded if my life is in danger. Ah, most importantly, 19. Always give a heads up call before coming home. I am on the rebound, so, bitch, don’t kill my vibe.

Rohan: We’re taught after our mission is complete not to mention it again.
Nolan: Don’t brag after a shag. Got it.

Conrad: (to Victoria) I know you were rooting for the other woman, not surprising considering you were one.

All in all, an underwhelming and unexciting hour of Revenge. Let’s see if the show improves after it takes some much-needed time off.

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  1. this episode was boring even though it was supposed to be down right amazing, I think that the reason why it fell.flat is because we all know that we've seen the pregnancy card being played out on other shows and plus Lydia returning was lame and just didn't make sense, this show needs to come up with something original. This new showrunner is definitely not doing the show any favors. Well sadly I don't mind it taking a 3 week break but I.hope that the wedding episode is exciting

  2. It is really sad to see how this show keeps stumbling and you feel that the writers are just trying to come up with whatever works for now… And seriously what was the point from Charlotte's photos and the whole blackmail thing?! So useless!

  3. Every time I'm afraid I'm being hard on the show, you remind me that I'm not the only one who's so disappointed with it this year. Thanks 😉

  4. your certainly not the only one disappointed with this season, this season started with promise but then these last 4 episodes have been quite disappointing. lets see if the wedding episode will at least bring back some life into the show i heard the shooter is someone who's always cared about emily.

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