Scandal 3×08 – Vermont Is For Lovers, Too

"You have to go, you have a world to run."


What a show.

I recently came to the realization that I’m not nearly as invested in Fitz and Liv’s relationship as I should be. The two are the show’s endgame couple after all, and we’re supposed to root for them no matter what. This episode did a downright magnificent job of restoring my faith in the duo’s dynamic thanks to one captivating turn: Fitz had built a house to raise a family in with Liv by his side. As damaged as these two are, every one of their scenes in the secluded house was a joy to behold. Do I still root for Fitz and Mellie? Sure I do, but at least now the show’s central love triangle is back on track and better than ever.

In a move I never would have seen coming, Josie’s presidential run came to an end this week when she realized she couldn’t throw her daughter under the bus for framing the Reston campaign. I was actually looking forward to seeing Josie try to make her way to the White House so I’m left wondering where exactly this storyline is heading next. Is that really it for Lisa Kudrow and Scandal? Surely Shonda Rhimes had bigger things planned. Hmm…

Mellie and Cyrus were particularly fantastic this week as the latter effectively pimped out his husband so he could catch Douglas in the act. Thankfully, James turned out to be pretty bright as he deduced Cyrus’ plot and proceeded to carry out the alleged affair. Interestingly enough, Mellie’s conscience surfaced this week as she encouraged Cyrus not to go through with the whole shebang. I guess that cements Cyrus as the most despicable player on the show?

I know it’s a bit too soon to make this proclamation, but Khandi Alexandra as Mama Pope might just be the most perfect casting decision of all time. She’s exactly how I envisioned the character: bold, unhinged and so very unpredictable. Even with the limited screen time she had this week, she still managed to chew her arteries out (Scandal‘s most gruesome scene yet), bond with Rowan over Liv’s childhood pictures, and then effectively escape her prison and reunited with her daughter. Yep, I think this storyline just might take Scandal to whole other level of brilliance.

Scandalous Bits

– Mama Pope spent 20 years in a cell. Seriously? That fact was almost as frightening as her bone-chilling “Eli” scream. Damn.

– I think Mama Pope chewing her own arm was more disturbing than Mellie’s rape. What is up with this show lately?

– David calling the team “Pope-heads”. Ha!

– Proof that Liv is far from mentally stable: the manner in which she viciously slammed the Fitz phone to death.

– Finally Quinn has a decent storyline (as a pawn in B632’s plots). I was glad to see that Huck did figure her out and was waiting for her at her apartment in the episode’s closing moments.

– The Fitz/Liv sex scene set to Ain’t No Sunshine was pretty hot. And it was beautifully edited with Mellie awkwardly trying to call both parties through Fitz’s secretary.

– Loved Fitz and Liv vowing to find answers. And then Kerry Washington killed her delivery of the soon-to-be iconic line: “Don’t sell the house. Not yet”.

– So does Harrison sleeping with Candace mean the latter will be sticking around (unlike her mother)?

– I’m not usually a fan of James, but it was very satisfying to watch him tell Cyrus he needs “a shower” as the latter received the naughty pictures on his phone.


Charlie: Think of it as a relationship. Except I’ll actually listen to what you have to say.

Mellie: I’d say this is a new low.
Cyrus: Not for me.
Mellie: At least admit you’re losing your mind.

Quin: Do they have something?
Abby: The reflection of the killer. They’re re-something something. Don’t ask me to explain because I can’t and I don’t want to.

Fitz: You know who I am and you’re just this bundle of dirty little secrets.

Cyrus: Sally must suspect her husband is a big gay slut. We’re just making sure she knows we know.

Harrison: Framed by who?
Abby: Her sister. Her daughter. Her sister-daughter. Whatever.

Must-Download Tunes
Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers
Try A Little Tenderness by Otis Redding

An excellent hour of Scandal packed with fine twists and witty dialogue to spare.

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