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Grey’s Anatomy 10×10 – Somebody That I Used to Know

"You are not Christ child reincarnate, you don’t walk on water."


Review by Tagouga
One thing is certain: this show is not what it used to be. Somebody That I Used To Know had too many storylines that were just tedious to watch. Only two are worth mentioning in my opinion: Bailey’s OCD, and Cristina and Meredith’s continuous clash.

It’s confirmed: Bailey has OCD! As is, this storyline didn’t have the impact that I believe the writers wanted. However, things got very interesting when Ben decided to vent and tell Derek about Bailey’s problem only to have the latter report the development back to the Chief. This resulted in Owen temporarily pulling Bailey off the floor. Ben continues to be the most awesome husband around (Bailey seems to disagree)! I especially liked it when he said his only mistake was waiting for Derek to push him instead of going directly to Owen himself.

Meredith and Cristina are still going head to head. On one hand, Cristina wants to save a patient’s life which obviously takes priority over Meredith’s research. But on the other hand, and as clearly pointed out by Alex, the groundbreaking procedure that Cristina is working towards might not be the safest way to save the child’s life. Further complicating matters is Meredith potentially losing her funding if she doesn’t get her printer back. In addition, everyone seems to be fed up from these two and their drama, even Derek. While he obviously doesn’t agree with Meredith, he decides to let things go rather than confront his wife.

Bits & Scalpels

– Cristina and Shane? Let’s hope this is just a one-time kiss and the writers won’t decide to explore this further.

– Good for Shane sticking up for Cristina like he did! It was particularly surprising how Cristina didn’t say a word.

– Is Arizona really comparing her mistakes to Callie’s? Callie obviously deserves better.

– I get it that the writers want to have a clash between Meredith and Cristina but Meredith is becoming whiny and annoying!

– The planning for the Thanksgiving dinner was nice. I’m curious to see how that night will go.

– Cristina’s reaction to Shane offering to “service her” was hilarious!

Grey Banter

Richard: Are you cooking?
Meredith: Is that so preposterous?
Richard: Do you want a straight answer?

Alex: You know you were an intern balling an attending once.
Meredith: You kiss my kids with that mouth?

Shane: If you ever need any… yaya extraction… getting the yayas out… I’m available.
Cristina: Are you offering to service me?

Cristina: I’m glad he’s getting laid. I should be getting laid. My work suffers when I’m not. It’s bad for humanity.

Derek: It was a revolutionary glob of spit.

Meredith: You are not Christ child reincarnate, you don’t walk on water. You have failed to revolutionize modern medicine and save a baby all in one fell swoop.

Must-Download Tunes
Until The Ribbon Breaks – Romeo

An underwhelming episode of Grey’s. Writers, please FIX this!

Tagouga Rating


  1. The show has become so uneven this season.
    On one hand, I absolutely love Christina and Meredith's drama. It's layered and compelling to watch (although it feels like a ploy to get us to hate the former before she's written off). I'm also a big fan of Bailey's OCD subplot. Because, well, Chandra Wilson can pull off practically ANYTHING.

    However, I don't care about Avery/Stephanie. I don't care about Alex and Joe. I don't care about Murphy/Callie/Arizona, or Ross kissing Christina (God help us), and I definitely don't care about April. It's just sad that I want the show to end so badly this season. And the worst part? It probably won't.

    Oh, and I still adore Emma. Gorgeous and so very likeable.

  2. I am glad to see that I am not the only one who is just interested in those 2 storylines and doesn't care about all the rest. And I agree Emma is absolutely adorable.

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