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The Good Wife 5×09 – Whack-A-Mole

"Try to accept your victory without gloating, Mrs. Florrick."


Seriously, no other show casts its guest-stars in such a masterful manner.

In Whack-A-Mole, Jason O’Mara was impressive right-out-the-gate as Lockhart/Gardner’s newest litigator, Damian Boyle. Not only was Mara immediately likeable in the role, but he bounced off the entirety of The Good Wife’s cast with a ton of zest. Although I’m wary of Kalinda interacting with anyone (she’s had a few too many atrocious subplots throughout the show’s run), I liked how she was the only one able to put Boyle in his place. Let’s see if Mr. Mob’s antics will continue to entertain going forward (stealing Alicia’s and co’s furniture, not to mention the #1 mom pin, was particularly underhanded).

This week’s case revolved around an Arab teacher who was flagged by social media site Scabbit as a potential terrorist. It was an absorbing enough case which explored the unpredictable manner in which the law collides with the online world. But more importantly, it provided the backdrop for the two firms’ relentless war, in addition to giving Judge Jeffrey Tambor a welcome dose of screen-time. I don’t usually discuss the The Good Wife‘s judges in detail, but it looks like Tambor will be enjoying a juicy storyline after asking Alicia out in the episode’s closing moments. I honestly found that twist to be a genius ending; who wouldn’t fall in love with Alicia, a woman so endearing and kickass on pretty much every level. I can’t wait to see Florrick navigate this minefield of a debacle. Will she rush to Peter, or perhaps enlist Robin to handle her brand new admirer? So many delicious possibilities.

Could it be? Did I downright love Jackie’s subplot this week? I know I’ve been harsh on the character, but that’s only because Mary Beth Peil isn’t always given the best material. However, I loved Jackie screwing over Rachel, Peter’s Supreme Court Justice nominee, for sleeping with her deceased husband (otherwise ominously known as “the Judge”) in the past. I don’t know if I’m just a sucker for devious plots, but it was remarkably satisfying to watch Jackie make her way into the hospital room with a flower vase in hand as she proceeded to blackmail Rachel in front of her terminally-ill husband. I guess Eli finally has to accept the fact that Mama Peter is a force to be reckoned with? Spinoff please.

Finally, the show’s 100th episode will be airing next week and I.can’t.freakin’.wait.

Cases & Bits

– Amusing little moment with Jackie bragging to her friends about being the Governor’s mother (and making use of the town car).

– Loved Judge Tambor’s various compliments to Alicia throughout the hour regarding her firm.

– I adored Alicia’s various gloat-y looks while facing off with Will in court.

– Poignant touch: Diane reminiscing about her and Will’s first office during their visit to Alicia’s office. Naturally, he’s in denial that the offices are similar in any way. Brilliant.

Good Lines

Judge: You two used to be on the same side.
Alicia: Yes your honor.
Judge: That’s awkward.
Alicia: Not at all your honor.

Witness: You can call me Mr. Feet.
Will: No thanks.

Rachel: That was a long time ago. I was 25.
Jackie: Yes, and you should have slept with the husband of someone with a shorter memory.

Rachel: You are an awful woman.
Jackie: Yes I am.

Diane: You shouldn’t underestimate our generosity.
Carey: And you shouldn’t underestimate how great it is to watch you scrambling.

A fascinating and thoroughly entertaining hour of The Good Wife.

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