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Nad’s Reviews: Your A+++ Guide to the World of Entertainment


Guest Piece by Moe
My quest for the perfect burger has finally come to an end. Superbly hand-crafted with a delicately soft exterior and finely molded interior, this burger proved to me the existence of “heaven on a plate”.

Frosty Palace, a diner located in one of the many alleyways of Mar Mikhael, was what changed my view of the true definition of a mouth-watering burger. The fine presentation, the proper division, and, most importantly, the juicy texture with every bite made Frosty’s burger a changing experience.

Normally, an alleyway in one of the least explored areas in Beirut is not considered to be the proper place to open a mini diner. However, Nad’s Reviews, a blog created by a Lebanese editor Nadim Safieddine, was what brought my attention to this cozy, homey diner.

Safieddine, a Political Studies AUB alumnus who, incidentally, was a writer for Outlook, later went on to study film directing and screenwriting in New York. His blog focuses on providing in-depth TV, film, and restaurant reviews. Reading something like, “… the tender and juicy meat, the crispy bacon, the drippy beautiful gooeyness of it all… truly a tasty treat for the senses in every manner of the word” triggered within me the urge to seek this “tasty treat”. This formal blogger writing style brought out the essence of the restaurant and managed to tickle my taste buds.

Within each of his reviews, Safieddine manages to draw his reader’s attention as well as captivate each and every one of their senses with his finely chosen diction and humorous approach. After reading a number of his reviews, I found that I could but only relate to each and every one of them, especially his restaurant reviews. After each review, he provides a rating ranging from an excellent A+ to a dissatisfying F. This witty approach further adds to the organization of the website and makes it much more thrilling as you read each of his well-written and “hard-to-disagree-with” reviews.

In addition to his accurately and finely written restaurant reviews, I really enjoyed an article of his that was published in the Special Features section within his website (as well as a magazine called “The Carton”). The article is titled The Teta of Tomorrow, and in it, he introduces to us his glorious 88-year old grandmother Ruby along with her wonderful cooking.

Safieddine’s impressive way of describing his grandmother through her lip-smacking Christmas turkey meal that he refers to as “The Ruby Christmas Turkey”, and her remarkable ability to use the iPad to contact her grandkids, went beyond the purpose of Nad’s Reviews and added a touching aspect to it.

I would certainly recommend the aforementioned article to all those in need of an inspiration to continue striving in life, and while I might disagree with a few of the ratings given to a number of TV shows and restaurants, Teta Ruby definitely deserves her current rating of an A+++.

Nadim Safieddine, an aspiring director and profound writer, has taken blogging to another level. His reviews bring to life the scenario he wishes to describe, and his compelling writing captivates his readers whether his approach is positive or negative. All in all, I believe that Nad’s Reviews is the ultimate guide to the world of entertainment and an accurate reference for those of you confused about where to dine tonight. I would definitely rate Nad’s Reviews an A+++ giving Teta Ruby a little competition to worry about.


  1. i love this site it helps decide whether shows are good or bad, and keeps me from wasting my time on bad shows

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