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Wonder Woman Finally Cast
After years of false-starts, the iconic role of Wonder Woman has finally been cast and the lucky girl is Israeli actress, Gal Gadot. Miss Gadot will be joining Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill in the highly-anticipated blockbuster, Batman Vs Superman. I do wonder if she’ll be a prominent part in the film or get completely overshadowed by her gargantuan co-stars. And the big question remains: will she get her own starring vehicle soon after?

Sin City Goes To Series
I loved 2006’s neo-noir crime thriller Sin City. While that was mostly due to Jessica Alba, the film showcased a distinct (and gorgeous) visual style along with a fantastic all-star cast. Now that the sequel is set to be released this summer, it’s also been announced that a TV series is in development. Let’s see if the project goes to pilot and if it can maintain the quality of the graphic novel series its based on.

The Good Wife Hits 100 Episodes
It blows my mind just how brilliant The Good Wife has become this year. It’s so rare for a show to fire on all cylinders in its fifth season, but that’s exactly what happened this year. In addition, The Good Wife finally hit 100 episodes, and it was a stunning little hour. Congratulations are definitely in order. Here’s to another 100.

ABC Buys Fascinating New Drama
Now here’s a concept with potential: The Double Life of Emily Reed tells the story a woman who lives each day twice, once as a divorced mother of two in suburban New Jersey, and again as a successful independent New York business woman. I have no idea how ABC plans on pulling this one off, but I’m definitely intrigued to see them try.

This Week in Ratings

The Blacklist on Top
While every other show (besides The Walking Dead) continues to deteriorate, The Blacklist posted some impressive gains with its fall finale (and has been renewed for season two). Perhaps I should give it another shot? I only saw the pilot and wasn’t majorly impressed by the procedural. Apparently, it gets a hell of a lot better.

Weekly Picks

Quote of the Week
“Sometimes I think of you as mom and other times as this interesting person who lives in our house.”
Zack Florrick, The Good Wife.

Episode of the Week
The Walking Dead 4×08 – Too Far Gone
A powerful and harrowing hour. I’d stopped reviewing the show until this.

Promo of the Week
A classic promo I can’t not share. The music, the scenes, the editing – just perfect. Enjoy an all-time favorite of mine.

Must-Download Tune of the Week
My My Love by Joshua Radin
A great little discovery from The Vampire Diaries. Give it a listen.

Happy TV Binging.

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