Revenge 3×09 – Surrender

"I'd be dead if it weren't for your wife's momentary lapse of evil."


I’ve sort of given up on Revenge.

Of course I’ll never stop watching the show; I’m too invested in Emily’s journey. However, I have given up on Revenge every being more than an amusing diversion. If it can still surprise me from time to time, then that’ll be a pleasant surprise, but I’m through with expecting greatness (and let’s be clear, season one was great in its own special way).

It’s very telling that this episode’s cliffhanger wasn’t a monumental revelation or a jawdropping bombshell, but a declined wedding invite. It was so anticlimactic that it kind of worked in its simplicity. After all the plots Emily pulled off over the course of three seasons, it was almost laughable to see our antiheroine so distraught over Victoria saying she wouldn’t be attending the wedding. Hasn’t Miss Thorne been through worse? (Sense the sarcasm people).

On the bright side, Surrender did a good job of showcasing what it would feel like for Emily right before the most important day of her life (and I’m not talking about her wedding). This was especially evident during Aiden’s fantastic proposal. I know a large portion of Revenge‘s fanbase aren’t fans of this dynamic, but I actually find it quite moving: two lost, vengeful souls finding comfort in one another. In fact, I much prefer Emily with Aiden, then that forced soulmate shtick with the oh-so-pointless Jack Porter. Naturally, the writers will probably kill off Aiden soon but I’ll try to enjoy this while it lasts.

Lydia’s return was undoubtedly amusing, although I expected her to cause more fireworks. While she hilariously threw out Vicky’s clothes (before stealing them), she ultimately ended up crawling back to Conrad (which was remarkably disappointing). Here’s hoping that her stumbling onto Emily’s picture again will cause the necessary fireworks going forward.

 Vengeful Bits

– The opening close-up shots of Emily and Daniel during the photoshoot had some gorgeous cinematography.

– Interesting retcon: Vicky struck a deal with Lydia and saved her life by getting her off the plane. Meh, okay.

– Brilliant moment: Emily provoking Lydia so she’d get pushed and expose the pregnancy in front of Victoria.

– The paparazzi sequence was hilariously cheap. At least act surprised Emily.

– The gunshot residue on Vicky’s bracelet was admittedly devious and cool.

– Finally Charlotte realized she should stop meddling. Can she now realize she should leave town?

– I genuinely loved Aiden orchestrating the “warrior” ceremony for “Amanda Clarke”. I can just feel his death approaching.

– Emily and Aiden’s new last names will be Ross. Ha, there’s just no escape from Nolan is there?

– I should care more about Jack and Margaux but I really, really don’t. Kill them both off please.

Devious Delights

Lydia: I’ve had handbags bigger than that room. And where’s my per diem?
Margaux: Just call room service.
Lydia: I’m not talking carbs. I’m talking Cartier.

Aiden: What does she want?
Nolan: What every pretty blonde who comes to the Hamptons wants… revenge.

Surrender was certainly better than recent outings but Revenge just isn’t what it used to be. Is it too much to hope for a game-changing and explosive midseason finale next week?

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  1. revenge is definitely what it used to be its became a full soap opera and plus none of the characters expect for victoria are true to themselves i no longer sympathize with emily because the flashbacks of her and her father in the first two season used to help me sympathized but however i don't deny the fact that this episode was better than the last few episodes but it still wasn't good. i agree with you i kind of lost hope that this show will return to greatness and i now watch it with low expectations which is a shame because i used to have pretty high expectations for this on its first season. i'm not going to stop watching the show because simply i've already invested so much of my time on this show and i really want to see how it ends

  2. Revenge has been utterly disappointing this year, I literally have to force myself to watch it. I absolutely hate all the couples on the show. Marguax and Jack's chemistry is awful. Im not a big fun of Emily and Aiden either. However, I must agree that they shared a cute romantic scene this episode.

    Is this Revenge's last season?

  3. I guess we're all in the same boat. We won't quit on the show but we just really want to see how it ends after everything we've put up with!

  4. Forcing myself is exactly what's happening to me. How sad is that? And sadly they haven't announced yet if this is the last season (I wish they would). Apparently, the show might still get a season four (God help us). But nothing is confirmed yet and won't be for a while.

  5. Revenge is at a certain renewal due to syndication because by the end of the season it will 66 episodes and would need 88 episodes to go into syndication so it looks like were stuck with revenge for another but I'm still hoping that they will do what they did with nikita they could just give revenge like 10 episodes to wrap things up

  6. While this episode was much better than those before that, the show still lacks the “greatness” (as you put it) that we saw in Season 1. It was really disappointing seeing Lydia back with Conrad so quickly but I also expect that her stumbling on the picture will lead to something interesting with Emily.

    Emily definitely belongs with Aiden – It's been 3 seasons and I still have to force myself to keep watching whenever Jack or Charlotte are on screen. But hey at least there was no Declan this season.

    Victoria (to Conrad when he mentioned Time Magazine): “Oh, they're interested in you? Must be a slow news year.” HA! Love it!

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