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Scandal 3×10 – A Door Marked Exit

"Here's the thing about power Rowan. It's always hard to accept when you've lost it."

Scandal 3x10

Absolutely stunning.

There aren’t enough words to describe the brilliance that is Rowan Pope’s speech to Fitz. It’s a wonderfully layered, intricately-written monologue, powered by one heck of an extraordinary performance. I was left in awe as I watched Rowan rip into The President with all his might for being a “boy” and using his daughter as a “way out”. As far as I’m concerned, the combination of Joe Morton’s performance and the majestic script managed to take the television experience into a whole other level. Seriously, give the man an Emmy, an Oscar and the Nobel Prize – give him everything.

Kate Burton also delivered as astounding performance this week as VP Sally Langston. Insanely enough, part of me still wants the lovable nutcase to win the presidency, and that’s a testament to Langston’s performance. I completely bought her slowly unraveling in the episode’s opening sequence (the nifty editing with overlapping dialogue sure helped), until Langston finally snapped and stabbed her husband to death. Everything about the crime was impeccably executed, culminating in Cyrus coming to the rescue and tapping into the “devil” within in order to clean up the mess. Seriously fantastic.

A lot was revealed this week with regards to the Mama Pope scandal. The woman was apparently  notorious for selling secrets across the globe, and she ultimately made Papa Pope shoot down the infamous plane by falsely telling him there was a bomb on board. While this whole storyline still feels like a retread of Alias, I’m enjoying it tremendously. The ending was especially awesome with Pope ominously calling her daughter from right outside the White House while decked out in Olivia-Pope garb. The character’s integration into the this world feels like a thrilling new chapter for Scandal, and it has me suitably pumped for the show’s return on February 27 (yes, we have to wait that long).

If all of these turns weren’t enough, we also witnessed numerous developments on the B613 front. Aside from Quinn going back to Charlie after Huck made his disdain for her clearly known, Rowan was replaced as the head of the organization by none other than Jake Ballard. It’s a ballsy, brilliant move on the writing team’s part, as it finally gives Liv’s love interest something to do, while simultaneously opening up a whole new world for Rowan (previously the show’s most powerful character). What will become of him now? Because he’s surely earned my sympathy after this coup d’etat.

Scandalous Bits

– Quinn removing the tracker from her tooth was just another gruesome move Scandal has been employing a bit too often lately. I did however enjoy her getting involved in the Douglas murder cleanup.

– Superb little moment: Sally embracing her dead husband and preventing the doctor from figuring out the truth at the last second.

– Mellie’s uber-excitement at Douglas’ death was downright hilarious.

– Olivia’s faceoff with Rowan as she slowly reached the truth was magnificent. I thoroughly loved him nodding in agreement without uttering a word. Chills.

– I still loathe Huck, who threatened to further torture and kill Quinn if it wasn’t for Olivia. The character’s really lost all semblance of liability (not that I ever liked him much).

– Further proof that Mama Pope is one brutal lady: she slaughtered everybody on that plane.Woman you’re going to need a chill-pill.

– Sally’s “he’s in hell!” outburst was gold. And her dynamic with Leo, her campaign manager, is steadily growing on me.

– Thankfully, it looks like David will be heavily involved in the season’s proceedings. After he refuted James’ theory, a woman from NSA came to him with proof of Sally’s post-murder call to Cyrus. This is sure to get interesting.

– So James is staying with Cyrus because the latter plans on making him the White House’s press secretary. Charming couple aren’t they?


Daniel: I got the one thing that you can’t buy Sally. A very essential possession if you’re gonna be the President of the United States… a set of balls. I got em; you don’t.

Fitz: (to Rowan) I’m screwing her you know. Every chance I get. The things I could tell you about the way she tastes. She’s quite a girl. Talented.

Fitz: Here’s the thing about power Rowan. It’s always hard to accept when you’ve lost it.
Rowan: Or to realize you never had any at all.

Rowan: You are always going to be Senator Grant’s disappointing boy Fitz. SHE is always going to be the formidable Olivia Pope. Don’t use the person I made to make you into a man. You’re a boy. You disappoint me as a suitor for my daughter’s hand.

Cyrus: I am actually the devil… you should have seen me handle it. There’s a dead closeted hillbilly on the floor and there I am, ‘give me your sin, Sally’, without blinking. The devil is at the top of his game.

Cyrus: (to James) I’m still the same man you married. Maybe you just never noticed the 666 on my forehead?

Leo: (to Sally) You kill somebody, you call me.

Ambitious and exhilarating, A Door Marked Exit is a perfect episode of Scandal and my favorite hour of the season.

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