Nikita 4×04 – Pay-Off

"Did you really think it would end with either of us winning?"

What a twist.

I don’t know how I didn’t see it coming, but Amanda’s double reveal was utter genius. It’s just the kind of bombshell that makes perfect sense in hindsight, and adds further insight to moments like FauxAmanda’s reaction to Nikita’s “Hellen” line, and the overall awkwardness during the climactic faceoff. In addition, the twist does a marvelous job of wiping the slate clean for the show’s final two outings. The show can now redirect its focus from World War 3 to our core cast of characters. Plus with the world now aware of the President’s true status, and Team Nikita oblivious to the evil that remains, all bets are off. I genuinely have no idea where Nikita will go next and that makes the proceedings so very promising.

Although it came out of nowhere, I was admittedly impressed by the writers bringing back Ramone. His introduction in season two’s Knightfall was especially memorable, and it was even more satisfying to see him back on his feet thanks to The Shop’s creepy tech. His return also allowed the writers to remind us all that everything Nikki has been through recently, is a direct result of her wanting to get Michael his hand back. Ultimately, Ramone’s death did kind of feel like an afterthought in the grand scheme of things, but I was still pleased by Nikita’s brilliant continuity.

Alex and Sam’s subplot was considerably better this week, particularly since we got a mention of Alex’s fallen love Sean. It sure looks like the writers won’t be turning this relationship into a full-on romance which is admirable. I much prefer them bonding as two lost souls who’ve been through hell and back. However can we please return Alex to the thick of the action? The diamond shenanigans this week were amusing, but the princess’ dynamic with Nikki is the heart of the show and it would be a pity if Nikita didn’t revisit that dynamic with two episodes to go.

Bits & Bullets

– Hilarious teaser with The Shop double taking over the shawarma sandwich.

– I really liked Sam going back for Alex at the last moment after ripping her off.

– Making up for last week’s lack of action, I loved Nikki making her way onto the truck and kicking ass until the clone took his own life.

– Michael catching Ramone’s blow with his own “upgrade” and killing the mercenary was probably one of the coolest moments Michael’s ever had on the show.

– I was pretty giddy that the team traveled to Dubai this week. That’s pretty close to my home country of Lebanon.

– So Birkhoff’s dad hacked Shadownet. How come the writers totally forgot about last week’s cliffhanger with Amanda ready to torture Papa Birkhoff?

– Super cool tech with Birkhoff blowing up the lights with just his phone.

– Badass Amanda moment: “I decide when it’s over” before shooting everyone dead. If only that was really her.

– Michael releasing the clones was quite satisfying, especially the President who groaned at the fact that Division was doing the saving.

– My jaw dropped when the missile actually landed and Amanda was thrown back. I was sure it wouldn’t happen.

– An interesting reversal of Knightfall – this time Michael is the one worrying about Nikki in an explosion.

– Much like the season’s first two  hours, this week’s episode title complements last week’s name: Set-Up and Pay-Off.

– Those final moments were positively chilling with a dazed Nikita waking up and asking Michael if “it’s over” before reuniting with a kiss.

Nikki Notables

Alex: I guess I could use an undercover prop.
Sam: Great
Alex: You could be my gold-digging boytoy or something.

Alex: This is what I do now. I’m the banker.

Ramone: I’m curious how would you ever repay your debt to Nikita? What says thank you for becoming the world’s most notorious assassin in order to save my life? Is there a card?

Amanda: We’ve come to far to stop because of a minor complication.
Nikita: (appearing) Oh is that what I am?

Peller: This is really every father’s dream… watching his son launch a ballistic missile on his own position.

Jones: Even if the truth stares her in the face, she’ll close her eyes and will it away.

A thrilling and unpredictable hour of Nikita that capably sets the stakes for the show’s final outings.

Nad Rating


  1. Woww talk about a jaw dropper! I can't believe I didn't see the Amanda Double twist coming either. Genius! And honestly I was relieeeved! I would not want Amanda to die (at least not before the series finale).

    “The show can now redirect its focus from World War 3 to our core cast of characters.” EXACTLY! I love the direction this season was taking and I'm sure it would have been even more epic if this was a 13-episode season at least, but I want the final 2 hours of the show to go back to the beginning and focus on our main group. Was fun having the team in Dubai though!

    Also, this has one of my favorite endings yet. It's very low-key (after it's revealed that Amanda is still alive) but still absolutely chilling with the score (always kills me), Amanda waking up and kissing Michael, and Jones' speech in the background.

    In fact, I honestly wouldn't have minded if that was the final shot of the entire show. It doesn't tie up loose ends, I know, but the show ending on this notion that Nikita DIDN'T win but she's closing her eyes and CHOOSING that it's over anyway…wowww. Reminds me of Awake's ending too. I don't know how the show actually ends, but I certainly hope it's as good as this one (at least).


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