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American Horror Story 3×09 – Head

"Anyway I'm not gonna kill you. Or maybe after dessert - I put a lot of effort into the key lime pie."


Race has been a pivotal topic this year on American Horror Story. Judging by Head‘s final massacre, the show hasn’t exactly tackled the subject with grace, but it still made for some admittedly powerful television.

┬áHank’s killing spree was downright harrowing. The show needs at least one death to resonate (since everyone seems to be coming back to life), and it sure looks like Queenie blowing her brains out will stick. The sequence was punctuated by Luke’s mother suffocating him to death (a subplot I still find unnecessary), but more importantly, the hour culminated with Maria Laveau knocking on Fiona’s door. Could it be? Will Fiona and the voodoo priestess finally join the same team? That’s a monumental prospect for the show’s eventual return in 2014, and one that has me enormously excited.

Interestingly enough, Fiona and Marie’s common enemy is a corporation of witch hunters that’s been around for generations (with Hank’s father at the helm). I honestly wish this antagonistic force was introduced earlier in the season before they were suddenly shoehorned into the proceedings. Still, it was an effective enough curveball as I had assumed this was going to be the season of witches vs voodoo.

Quite amusingly, Myrtle has suddenly become my most favorite character on the show. Frances Conroy is doing wonders with her turn as the eccentric but dangerous Myrtle Snow, and this was especially apparent in the episode’s sublime standout sequence: Myrtle poisoning the witch council, scooping their eyes out and then having a dance party with their hopped limbs. This unique blend of horror and comedy is what makes Story such an effective show, and it was downright glorious to watch.

Also fascinating is the fact that the above murder provided a powerful thematic resonance, as Myrtle used the eyes to restore Cordelia’s sight back. I actually love the dynamic between these two, and often wish Myrtle was a bigger part of the season thus far. I seriously can not praise Frances Conroy enough. Simply phenomenal.

Frightful Bits

– The opening flashback to Hank witch-hunting with his dad as a kid was quite enlightening.

– It’s hard to feel sympathy for Luke’s mom after she stuck him with an enema last week. I really don’t get what the writers want us to feel here.

– Marie practically breaking all of Hank’s bones with her voodoo was brilliant.

– Delia and Misty planting together was surprisingly amusing

– Fiona fixing zombie boy felt too easy huh? He’s that forgettable; I honestly can’t recall his name.

– I love that Queenie saved Marie. Whew. Losing Angela Bassett at this point would be a bonafide jump-the-shark moment.

– Delphine crying at the end wasn’t exactly subtle. So she’s not a racist now? Give Kathy Bates more to do please. The joke is over.

Spooky Slurs

Delphine: Are you insane?
Marie: What the head said!

Myrtle: She’s a sophisticated witch with extraordinary gifts, hiding out as a hippy swamp rat. From humble hillbilly stock, she’s been a witch since birth.

Fiona: You know why I got a female attack dog?
Hank: Because bitches stick together?

A darkly humorous and foreboding midseason finale from American Horror Story.

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