Revenge 3×10 – Exodus

"Vacationing with your harlot is where I draw the line."


I have to be honest: I don’t want to have faith in Revenge again after everything the show has put me through. The soapy drama has stumbled so much since its debut season, that I’d rather not get too excited. But I have to call it like it is, and this was a terrific episode.

Not only was Exodus an effective midseason finale, it was a game-changing hour. Barring any form of retcon, Revenge will return as a completely different animal come 2014. A number of the show’s core relationships have been irrevocably reversed, and that’s really the first time that’s happened since the show’s inception. Victoria now knows Emily isn’t who she says she is (and she was knocked out by Aiden for her efforts), and Daniel actually SHOT Emily (props to whoever called it). How can the show possibly go back to the days of Emily and Victoria slyly trading barbs after these two monumental events? So yes, I’ve beyond intrigued to see where Revenge will go in the second half of the year.

I’m not entirely sure if I believe Daniel shooting Emily from a character perspective. On one hand, he was extremely drunk and miserable after losing Sarah, but would he really shoot a woman he loved so dearly? It feels like an exceptionally villainous move that’s very out of character. A case could definitely be made for Emily’s pregnancy lie, but I still find the development hard to swallow. However, I don’t regret it happening, because the twist breathes a ton of life into the show and into one of its dullest dynamics.

Furthermore, there was a remarkable sense of finality to Exodus. From Emily looking through childhood pictures of dad the night before her endgame, to Nolan dancing with Emily on her wedding day and uttering the prophetic line (“Long Live David Clarke“), this felt like a bondafide series finale. Again, I don’t want to get too excited, but this was an uncommonly promising outing from the show. Let’s pray they can keep this up.

Vengeful Bits

– The episode’s lamest bit: the ridiculously contrived way Emily got Victoria to the wedding: she somehow led Conrad to bring Patrick back.

– Loved Aidan, Nolan, and Emily reciting the plan as we watched the ideal version of it unfold with Victoria getting arrested. Wishful thinking much?

– I must admit, it was touching to see Jack hug Emily goodbye followed by her revealing she was with Amanda when she died. However, I still think a loaf of bread has more charisma than Nick Wechsler. Sorry bro.

– I love that after everything, Lydia still wants her house back. A great callback to the pilot.

– Nolan walking Emily down the aisle? So darn fitting. And Emily VanCamp looked pretty gorgeous.

– Utterly spectacular editing with Emily’s vows intercut with scenes of her path of vengeance. Everything from her childhood through meeting Daniel and Amanda’s death – I honestly got goosebumps. That sequence alone is one of best things Revenge has ever produced.

– Dare I say that I’m excited to see what hell Conrad and Lydia will raise now that they’re getting married?

– Sarah flirting with Jack… not okay.

– I guess Sarah trying to kill herself kind of makes Daniel’s shooting more believable. Let’s hope she succeeded.

– Victoria dumping the bracelet in the water was a very unrealistic method of getting rid of the gunpowder residue. Really writers?

– Isn’t Emily’s Infinity box in Nolan’s safe? I guess Patrick might discover her secret soon.

– The episode’s final moments were excellent with both Jack and Aiden stumbling onto Emily’s bloody dress washing up on shore.

Devious Delights

Victoria: If anything should happen to Patrick, understand this Conrad: they will wiping what’s been left of you with a sponge.

Nolan: Only you could make vengeance so beautiful.
Emily: Let’s do it.

Nolan: Trust me.
Emily: I do, with my life.

Although I’m wary of what’s to come, this was the strongest episode of Revenge in quite a while.

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  1. Great Episode! It never even occurred to me that Daniel might shoot Emily but I guess his drunk state + hearing how Emily lied about her pregnancy to keep him close + the possibility of him losing Sara (his “true” love) after her suicide attempt kind of pushed him off the edge and led to the shooting. Although it might seem out of character but it was a very pleasant development.

    I have to admit that I was actually moved by Emily and Jack's scene as well, this is the first time this guy was actually capable of delivering a good scene.

    Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope the show gets back on track!

  2. i got to admit this was a pretty good episode but it wasn't enough to restore my faith back in the show because like you said its been treading water this past several episodes. but i will see what they have in store for us for the second half of the season. i hear when the show gets back emily will have amnesia, but although i'm a bit skeptic about that but i will reserve my judgement's till i see how that storyline will play out.

  3. Thank God for this episode. Had it not been for the much awaited foiling of Emily's plot, I would have lost faith in Revenge. And for once Daniel grew a pair and stood up for himself (I had to be harsh). I actually loved the part when Jack decides to show up to give Emily a proper farewell. Can't wait till it returns!

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