Revenge 3×12 – Endurance

"How will Emily Thorne return with a vengeance this time?"


Talk about a comeback; that’s three stellar episodes in a row. Is Revenge finally better than ever?

I haven’t felt this protective of Emily in a long, long time. Trapping our heroine deep in the heart of Grayson Manor and its vultures was an inspired writing decision, as it effectively upped the stakes and forced Miss Thorne to think on her feet. Endurance was also the first time we saw Emily so resigned to giving up, and brimming with regret over all the chaos and pain caused in her wake. Of course her fighting spirit ultimately came back stronger than ever after Victoria dropped a mindblowing bombshell: Emily’s bullet woulds will forever deprive her of having kids. It’s a heartbreaking development (if it is indeed true), and it’s one that provided Emily with all the ammunition she needs to resume her mission with full force.

Endurance might be Emily VanCamp’s finest hour as an actress. She delivered an absolutely stunning performance that capably managed to remind me of her skill as as performer. Emily’s breakdown after Victoria’s revelation was one of the most gut-wrenching things I’ve seen all year. The way she fells to the ground and smashed the tray – simply harrowing. Please writers, give the woman this caliber of material, because she’s outstanding.

For a moment, I actually believed that Victoria would finally discover Emily’s true identity after she got her hands on the infinity box. Naturally, Emily had yet another trick up her sleeve thanks to Nolan who switched the box’s contents and allowed Ems to live a new lie with the Graysons – that of a conniving social climber. It’s a genius turn, because it appeals to Victoria’s own past, and it allows Emily to sort of morph into a mini-Victoria. I can’t wait to see where this goes next.

I absolutely loved Niko being revealed as Takeda’s daughter.  I’m not usually a fan of new characters, but Niko’s mission to find her father’s killer (shocker, it’s the man she sleeps with in the episode’s final moments) is enormously intriguing. It adds all sorts of glorious complications to Emily’s mission, and provides her with a new antagonist to deal with. Suffice to say, I can’t wait until the two warrior women have a full-on fight, although I have a feeling that Aiden’s life will be caught in the crossfire.

Speaking of antagonists, not only did Patrick full-on embrace his loyalty to his mother by brutally knocking out Nolan, Daniel morphed into a straight-up villain. As I mentioned last week, Conrad’s time is up, and it’s time for Daniel to assume the Big Bad role. Since Grayson junior has history with Emily (not to mention a brutal shooting), there’s an added depth to the proceedings that makes the entire season all the more compelling.

The best proof that Revenge is firing on all cylinders is the fact that I actually like Jack now. Yes, a character whom I’ve loathed for so long, finally has a purpose. It’s a miracle really, and a testament to how improved the show is at this point. If you have any doubts, just remember that Jack straight-up punched Daniel this week. Yep, and it was across-the-board marvelous.

Vengeful Bits

– Seriously, Emily waking up in Grayson Manor might be one of the show’s best teasers ever.

– I’m so amused by the fact that Victoria keeps slapping people. This week’s victim: Patrick!

– Seeing Emily hold Carl made me a flash to an image of the show ending with Emily raising the baby by Jack’s side. Is that ending too hopeful for a show with such a dark core? I wonder…

– Fantastic touch with Jack giving Emily a teddy bear that looks just like Sammy. And the reveal that Nolan had snuck in a walkie-talkie through the toy? Even better.

– Epic moment with Niko punching Emily on her bullet wound and teaching her a lesson. Apparently Takeda always rambled about Emily, which created a bit of a daddy complex within Niko. This can’t be good.

– I got chills at the sight of Victoria opening Emily’s precious infinity box.

– I can’t wait until Sara bites the dust (in a horrible gruesome manner). She and Daniel deserve each other.

– So now Margaux knows that Daniel shot Emily. At this rate, is there anyone who doesn’t know? Can’t say I’m complaining.

– Genius move: Emily calling the press to the house and announcing that it was Lydia who shot her.

– One of my favorite scenes this week was Emily breaking up with Aiden as she counted the things that Graysons had taken from her. If you look closely, you can see her finger nervously circling the infinity engraving on her porch. It’s a poignant and gorgeous sequence.

– Any guesses on what Conrad plans on doing with the magazine article?

– I genuinely adored the final scene with Emily blackmailing the Graysons by revealing the shooting and assuming the mantle of low-level grifter.  Everything from her evil smirks to the full-on black garb just seemed very Victoria-like and diabolical. Also worth noting: the Queen is glad to see someone else in a “loveless marriage”, and she’s got herself a brand new throne.

Devious Delights

Nolan: I had to get creative.
Emily: Or you needed an excuse to purchase that jacket.

Patrick: I come in peace.
Nolan: I’m sorry did you say “I come in peace,” or “in complete shame after having been yanked by my umbilical cord.”
Patrick: I guess I deserve that.
Nolan: Either way save it. I’ve already got four episodes of “Patrick Says I’m Sorry” on my DVR.

Emily: Hate is a lot like love. You can’t force it. You can’t fight it. You just have to embrace it when it comes along.

An expertly-constructed hour of Revenge. I’m loving the show more than ever now. Simply incredible.

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  1. So many great scenes it is hard to choose a favorite. I am curious how the character of Niko is going to be played out, I believe she is going to be more of a problem for Emily and I kind of think that Aiden might do something foolish as a way of getting back at Emily for breaking things up with him.

    Conrad might be trying to do something to save Lydia's image I guess (I am not sure how though) – I mean why else would he be interested in the article? Charlotte continues to be her useless self but at least she didn't have much screen time!

  2. Hey Tag. You're right about Lydia's image although I have no idea how. Definitely intrigued…

    As for Charlotte, well you know 🙂

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