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The Good Wife 5×12 – We, The Juries

"Peter is in real trouble, Eli. He's in trouble for one reason. Will Gardner."


The Good Wife is apparently taking a two-month break before its return in March. Maybe that’s a good thing. While the show’s fifth season has been outstanding, the last two episodes have floundered a bit. Perhaps the writing team needs to take some time to really figure out a proper direction for the second half of the year. After all, it would be a shame if such an incredible season went out with a whimper.

Unfortunately, this week’s case was an immensely convoluted affair. I honestly couldn’t explain to you what happened if I tried. On the bright side, the double jury concept was undoubtedly intriguing, and I was amused by the members endlessly getting escorted in and out of the courtroom. However, Alias alum Victor Garber left little impression as this week’s judge. Perhaps he was as confused by the case as I was?

It must be stated: the character of Marilyn has become an utter mess. What exactly is her purpose? She began the season as a tough-as-nails ethics do-gooder, only for the writers to saddle her with the horrendous pregnancy shenanigans, before finally bringing her back to her original characterization. It’s all gotten so haphazard, and it’s a true disservice to the character. Poor Melissa George; it can’t be easy playing a character that makes absolutely no sense.

In other news pertaining to a distinct lack of consistency, the writers forgot about Kalinda’s subplot with Damien, and got her involved with Carey again. Truth be told, he’s much too good for her, so I hated seeing him give in at the end. Thankfully he got one heck of a badass moment with the fake drink spill that culminated with Kalinda and Will insulting one of Lockhart/Gardner’s key clients. Take note writers, we want more sneaky Carey in the future.

The ballot box debacle was this week’s saving grace, punctuated by Alicia’s poignant and powerful plea to Peter to “fix” things.  Unlike the periods during Peter’s previous betrayals, Alicia is now stronger and more independent than ever, so it will be fascinating to see how much embarrassment she’ll put up with this go-around. My guess: practically none.

Cases & Bits

– Will lying to the court and throwing Alicia under the buss was extremely devious. I genuinely felt like punching him.

– The episode’s highlight was denfitely Marilyn trying to get Peter to waiver attorney-client privilege. I loved the Governor’s subsequent faceoff with Will. Noth and Charles delivered some excellent work.

– So the rival jurors turned out to be gay? What a thrilling twist.

– The “Good Lines” section is empty this week. I even struggled to find a suitable quote to place at the start of the review. That’s not a good sign people.

Must-Download Tune
High Hopes by Bruce Springsteen

Lacking focus and wit, We, The Juries is the weakest episode of the season thus far. Time for a break Mrs. Florrick.

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  1. I agree that the last episode (5X12) was really weak. I hope the show turns 'northward' again when it comes back in March.

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