Arrow 2×11 – Blind Spot

"His last name is Blood; that can't be a good sign."


Much better.

Arrow had its first real misstep of the season last week with Blast Radius, a predicable and terribly unexciting hour. Thankfully, Blind Spot was a definite step in the right direction that has me effectively pumped for what’s to come.

I don’t understand why Arrow‘s fanbase had so much hatred towards Laurel Lance, but I thought the character had a great showcase this week. Yes the addiction subplot could have been better developed throughout the course of the season, but Katie Cassidy did an absolutely stellar job with the material. If she’s ever going to assume the mantle of the Black Canary, the character has to be put through the ringer, and it looks like rock bottom is finally here. Tying the character’s plight to one of this year’s primary baddies, Sebastian Blood, was an even better decision. By the end of the hour, Blood is believed to be dead by all (thanks to a nifty swticheroo) and Laurel’s relationships with both Oliver and her dad have taken a beating. And just because thing aren’t bad enough, Laurel is let go from the District Attorney’s office. Yes ladies and gentlemen, that’s how heroes are born.

Thankfully it didn’t take too long after Roy’s injection for Arrow to take him on as a protege. I do hope this means Roy will learn Ollie’s identity soon as I’d love for Team Arrow to gain yet another member. Roy and Sin’s subplot this week wasn’t too engrossing, but it was admittedly satisfying to see Roy brutally beat down a prostitute-killer. Now writers, can you please give Thea something to do again? What happened to the whole Malcolm paternity subplot? Shouldn’t he be training her to raise hell right about now? Somehow tells me Thea’s going to be taking a villainous turn at some point in the future.

Sadly, the island scene weren’t very substantial this week. Sara struggled and ultimately decided to side with Oliver, even though she’d evidently forged a somewhat deep relationship with the twisted Ivo. I’m undoubtedly intrigued to learn more about the villain, so here’s hoping his vow to hunt Sara down will yield some thrilling results.

Speaking of villains, Slade continues to be a brilliant Big Bad by putting the fear of God into Blood, before ultimately slicing the candidate’s lackeys as punishment. In addition, he carried out this massacre in full Deathstroke garb. At the rate Arrow burns through plot, I have a feeling we might be getting an Arrow-Deathstroke battle sooner rather than later. Bring it on.

Bits & Arrows

– Wonderfully atmospheric teaser with Brother Blood paying a visit to Maya. It was probably the scariest thing Arrow‘s ever produced. The cinematography this week was really on point.

– I pretty much loved Arrow and Laurel breaking in and stealing the files. The eventual crash escape through the glass was badass.

– I’ll admit that Katie Cassidy is looking a tad too thin for my taste. Maybe since Laurel is suffering through addiction, Katie is trying to get into character? I do hope that’s the case because she’s one gorgeous lady.

– Does Diggle do anything these days?

– Sara telling Oliver that she liked him before Laurel (who apparently sabotaged their chances once) felt too much like a retcon.

– I didn’t find it very believable that Oliver went to Sebastian to discuss Laurel. Really?

– Downright marvelous scene with Laurel desperately begging her dad to believe her. Katie totally killed it with her performance. Plus there’s a compelling layer with Quentin being an ex-addict himself.

– Awesome moment: Oliver getting knocked out and Blood taking Laurel. But seriously, how many times has Laurel’s place been ransacked since this show began? This could get repetitive.

– Does no one find it weird that Oliver struggled in the (excellent) fight with Officer Daily? Shouldn’t that rent-a-cop be no match for our hero who’s faced off with super soldiers no less?

– I adored Laurel savagely shooting Blood/Daily dead.

– “When do we start?” Yep, that was a thrilling ending.

Starling Quips

Laurel: (to Oliver) You haven’t said much. Are you working on your lecture?

Felicity: (to Oliver) You certainly know how to talk yourself out of a victory.

Blind Spot is a solid and highly engaging hour of Arrow.

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  1. Was quite suprised how officer Daily nearly defeated Oliver and had shot him if not for Laurel. While a episode ago Oliver was able to kill a giant of a man on mirakuru.

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