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American Horror Story 3×12 – Go To Hell

"When the rest of the world sees a wall, we see a window."


Simply put, I’m not pleased.

Last week’s outing of Coven was a frickin’ masterpiece, but Go To Hell was a major letdown. Is Fiona really dead? I do hope it’s some sort of plot orchestrated by the Supreme because the notion that she met her death at the hands of the lousy Axeman is just painfully pathetic. Thankfully, that development did produce a fantastic little moment with all our witches banding together and collectively stabbing the saxophone player to death. Not to say Danny Huston wasn’t formidable in the role, but I think I was beginning to tire of his raspy voice and repetitive monologues.

If this was the last we saw of Delphine and Laveau, then I’m also severely disappointed. Both characters were phenomenal additions to the cast this season, and having them go out with a whimper was just unfortunate. Thematically it makes sense; in a shared hell, Marie is forced to torture Delphine and her family, while LaLaurie has to watch on in agony. But I didn’t find this development explosive enough, not to mention the fact that Fiona felt so far removed from that storyline. After a season of watching these three powerful women maneuver around one another, it felt like a total dud to witness such an anticlimactic resolution.

On the bright side, it was fascinating to see Delphine assume the role of the LaLaurie mansion tour-guide. Everything from relaying her twisted version of history to the masses, to her speech about redemption, proved to be both enlightening and strangely believable. Sadly, this further emphasized just how weak her ending was. I’ll hold out hope that the finale could perhaps rectify this, but I have a feeling this was Ryan Murphy’s endgame all along.

And finally, is it wrong that I totally wish Papa Legba had been introduced earlier in the season? Not only is Lance Reddick’s performance downright astounding, the character is just tremendously fascinating (and creepy) on every level. I could genuinely watch a spin-off centered on this guy. Wishful thinking I guess.

Frightful Bits

– The opening black and white teaser of the Salem witch doing the Seven Wonders was pretty darn impressive. The music, the mood – all beautifully executed.

– Fiona telekinetically choking Queenie was immensely satisfying.

– The sight of Cordelia and her eyes kind of made me nauseous. Exceptional makeup though.

–  I absolutely loved Queenie calling on Legba and discovering her own personal hell (the infamous chicken place). And the two drinking hot chocolate and marshmallows together? Plain hysterical.

– Delphine torturing Marie – not cool. But licking her own bloody face? Very effective and haunting.

– Delphine seeing Paula Deen on TV with the whole N-word debacle was a pretty relevant touch.

– Outstanding cinematography during Cordelia’s vision when she sees the aftermath of Fiona’s witch massacre.

– Cool Queenie moments: Stabbing LaLaurie, and blowing open the crypt to free Misty.

– Misty and Madison’s catfight was very satisfying. But why wasn’t Madison using magic to fight back?

– I didn’t like Fiona’s final scene with the Axeman. Sure the performances were fantastic as always, but why does the super-powered Fiona let her lover manhandle her in such a manner? And then she turned her back to him no less?

– Collective telekinesis fling – badass.

Spooky Slurs

Queenie: Where’s Marie Laveau?
Fiona: She’s probably off in some unholy nether realm cavorting with that half-baked beetle-juice… Papa Legabooboo – whatever the hell his name is.

Delphine: The elegant and universally admired Madame Delphine LaLaurie was not only a brilliant hostess for high society soirees, but she was also renowned for her remarkable equestrian abilities and her tireless charitable works.
Tourist: It says here she was a serial killer.
Delphine: That’s a misprint.

Fiona: What is the world coming to when the Supreme’s daughter has to outsource her own killings?

Madison: He’s a psycho mass murderer.
Myrtle: Is there anyone here for whom that can not be said?

Papa Legba: Congratulations, Madame Delphine LaLaurie. You have been granted your sweet release from the world of the mortal. And as punishment for your crimes of murder, torture, passion, fashion, and being an all-round no-good, miserable bitch, you will spend all of eternity here.

An anticlimactic penultimate hour. Here’s hoping the season finale ends the season with the bang it deserves.

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