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Arrow 2×12 – Tremors

"Love is the most powerful emotion. That also makes it the most dangerous."


I love that Arrow keeps surpassing my expectations. Every time I feel like the show can’t get any better, it completely subverts the status quo and knocks my socks off.

Roy hasn’t always been the most compelling of characters, but Tremors did an astounding job of cementing him as an integral part of the Arrow mythology. The sequence in which Roy discovered Arrow’s identity was one of the show’s most memorable yet. In fact, it was downright spine-tingling to watch Oliver realize the only thing he could do to save the city (and his sister), was to tell Roy the truth. Team Arrow keeps on growing, and I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve been wanting Moira to get a proper storyline for the longest time now, so having her run for Mayor against Sebastian Blood just might be the most inspired idea of all time. I’ve praised Susanna Thompson incessantly since the show’s debut, and this storyline is bound to give her some meaty material to play with. Sure it requires quite some suspension of disbelief, but Moira IS a “game-change candidate”, and her redemption story is one I’m definitely interesting in watching unfold.

Although Katie Cassidy continues to get thinner by the week, her downward spiral took its most fascinating turn yet as she lashed out at Ollie and Thea, before stumbling back home in a drunken stupor. Queue the return of Sara in the episode’s utterly perfect final moments. Suffice to say, Laurel’s reaction (when she sobers up) should be epic. We’ve waited too long for this reunion, and it couldn’t have come at a better time as far as I’m concerned.

On the villain front, Bronze Tiger’s return was much more effective than his disappointing debut. Maybe it’s because Michael Jai White actually got some dialogue to work with this time – not to mention the fact that his fights with Arrow were thankfully coherently edited. And if this episode wasn’t already brimming with badass developments, Amanda Waller also returned and offered the villain a spot on her Suicide Squad (DC geeks rejoice). This season is truly building up towards one heck of a faceoff between Team Arrow and an assortment of baddies, and I can barely contain myself. Bring it on.

The island material this week thankfully provided some intriguing insight into Ollie’s psyche. His desire to be truthful with Roy and rescue him from an early demise were spurred by his failure to contain Slade years back. While Tremors didn’t show us what the Big Bad was up to in the present, it was still exciting to see him so hellbent on blowing up Ivo’s freighter, before vowing to storm it by force with Ollie and Sara.

Bits & Arrows

– Majorly gruesome teaser with the convict digging Bronze Tiger’s knives out of his skin and helping him escape.

– Arrow training Roy with slapping water was a brilliant callback to Shado’s training of Ollie.

– The salmon ladder pullups are back! That move is still insanely cool.

– Who here thought Laurel would actually stay for Alcoholics Anonymous meeting? Not too bright are you Quentin?

– Great touch with Ollie seeing Tommy’s picture. I do kind of miss the guy.

– Pretty sad scene with Joanna telling a disbarred Laurel she can’t hire her. Is Joanna going to be sticking around?

– Epic moment with Arrow and Roy facing off over Thea before the former got thrown through a table.

– I was sort of amused by Laurel taunting Felicity. These two are bound to clash soon.

– While Thea still isn’t getting too much to do, I love that she convinced Moira she should run for office.

– Epic moment with Tiger landing from above and stabbing Arrow. And Roy saving our vigilante and flinging the villain around? Even better.

– I got chills when Ollie shook Roy’s hands and pronounced that they’re “just getting started”.

– I’m not sure what to make of Moira telling Walter about the OB who knows about Thea’s paternity. She sure seemed like she was insinuating the poor doctor should be killed off. Will Mama Queen start getting seduced by the dark side again?

– Roy finally meeting Team Arrow was just priceless.

Starling Quips

Oliver: You hacked into a prison system network?
Felicity: Is that judgement I’m hearing?
Oliver: Pride.

Arrow: You have one of your hoodies?
Roy: Do you seriously have to ask?

Laurel: Fine, bar me from your bar. That’s today’s theme right? Disbarment.

Felicity: (to Ollie) Uh oh, you got angry face.

Diggle: Some people are just broken, and nobody can put them back together.

Diggle: So the Secret Society gains a new member. Where is he?
Oliver: At home, processing.
Felicity: When I found out who you were, I processed my way through a pint of mint chip. I stress-eat.

Roy: Does this group have a name? Like Team Arrow or something.
Oliver: We don’t call ourselves that.
Felicity: I do. Occasionally.
Oliver: Stop.

Packed with a range of outstanding developments, Tremors is a fantastic hour of Arrow.

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